NFL Gamecocks To Watch For In Week Seven

Football season is still going strong, but games are still being rearranged due to COVID. Despite rescheduling, there are a lot of former South Carolina players to watch, including some explosive players.

Here are my players to watch this weekend: 

Jadaveon Clowney 

Clowney will take place in the battle of the Titans this week. No, literally, the undefeated Titans are facing the undefeated Steelers.

Clowney hasn’t been as loud this season, but he still has a major impact on the field. He’ll be responsible for creating pressure on Big Ben and trying to stop James Conner.

Although the Steelers defense will be the big story this week, Clowney will be the key to helping the Titans defense make stops. 

Mike Davis 

I keep putting his name on this list every week, but how can I not? Davis is a broken tackle machine.

Although he was fairly limited against a tough Chicago defense, he should bounce back against a New Orleans defense that isn’t the best.

Christian McCaffery will be back next week, so Davis should have a great game in what will probably be his last start of the season.

Even then, he will still get snaps after. 

Deebo Samuel/Stephon GIlmore 

How can you not love this matchup? Deebo is the WR1 of the 49ers. When Jimmy Garrapolo is healthy, Deebo is a dangerous receiving threat.

He also excels at jet sweeps, but he will most likely matchup with Gilmore, even out of the slot.

Gilmore has been really good this year, but Deebo is only getting better every week.

I think Gilmore will win this matchup, only because Belichick knows Garropolo and how to shut him down. 


These are the former Gamecocks to watch for in the NFL this week. It’s crazy to think we’re already in week seven, but the NFL is still going strong.

I think another name to watch for will be Javon Kinlaw. He is tied for the most pressures among rookie defenders.

He could potentially give Cam Newton a hard time.

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