Spring Break Is Officially CANCELLED…Now What?

As we have passed the halfway point in the semester, I think I can say with confidence that this has one of the most if not THE MOST stressful semester for most people at this University. 

Doing well in a class is now based on wifi quality. Hidden assignments in Blackboard can absolutely destroy an entire semester’s worth of work. 

Plus, most of us are living with the constant confusion how doing some homework assignments with another student can cause us to be punished like we’re living in North Korea and we stole a piece of bread, BUT half of the professors are taking their assignments from Quizlet??

So you would think the school might throw us a bone and give us a few days off, maybe keep the same Fall breaks as a normal year, right?

Nah. As we all know, they canceled our Fall break because they were worried students would travel out of Columbia.

Hey @UofSC, if you want to disincentive people from leaving campus, then maybe don’t give every student classes that can be taken anywhere on the planet as long as they use their phone as a HotSpot. Just a thought.

In reality, more people are going to their hometowns for a weekend than ever before, because they just need a break.

So the school came out this past week with what our Spring would look like, and to no surprise to anyone, it ain’t gonna happen. 

The big difference this next semester is having multiple “Wellness Holidays”. I think they realized it was a bad look when the Daily Gamecock was giving their writers more of a break than the school itself.  

But they obviously did strategize the days that they gave us off. Out of the 4 wellness holidays, only one leads into the weekend. Challenge accepted.

Am I upset that this year Spring won’t include videos of girls doing Oklahoma drills on a Florida beach? Of course, but at this point now, I’ll take a random Tuesday off if it can give me a break from Blackboard Collaborate. 

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