Preston Stalvey Gives His Take On The Gamecocks Quarterback Position Moving Forward

With a dismal and depressing loss to the LSU Tigers, the Gamecock squad was rocked on every aspect on the field. Missed tackles, blown coverages, bad blocking and pass rushing, too dropped passes and everything in between.

Even with all of this, I still see Collin Hill as the best starter at the QB position. His game was far from good on Saturday and he just looked off from the start.

He was under constant pressure and pushed out of the pocket and sacked on many occasions. In all of this though, his stats from the LSU game were very comparable to previous weeks.

Have we seen the best out of Hill?

Possibly. He may be at his peak. However, his presence on the field seems to show a veteran leadership and runs this offense well when given the time in the backfield.

Obviously we have Hilinksi, who proved to be up to the challenge last season. However, if you bring him in mid-season, you’re taking this team back to last season again where the offense stops clicking.

I just feel as though we can’t look at Hill and say he’s done all he can, he has a lot to give to this team and deserves to see it out. Hill is eligible to play again next season due to COVID and has the benefit of the rule to let them return another year.

With Gunner Stockton coming in and most likely taking over the starting gig, this is probably Hill’s last year to play football and he should lead us out to the end of this season. 

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