Why Quarterback Play Could Be The Difference In Salvaging The Gamecocks 2020 Season

So here we are, coming off the bye week at 2-3, preparing to take on the Texas A&M Aggies.

I’m still haunted by the 2014 game against the Aggies when the Gamecocks opened up the season ranked 9th in the nation. The Gamecocks squandered and lost badly 52-28, which still hurts to this day.

With the second half of the season starting to get underway and possibly facing many losses, what can the Gamecocks get out of this season? We, along with the coaches and other sources established that Collin Hill will continue to start at quarterback. I know I like the decision due to the veteran aspect and his playbook knowledge.

However, we’re going into this second half of the season when scores may get ran up on this defense that is inconsistent at times. What are the chances we see late game QB changes just for reps? Or is it even worth it? An injury to a Hilinski or Doty in a high score game would just add extra fuel to a fire and further bring us down.

Every week though, comment after comment and strings of posts call for a different QB in these games of big losses. Specifically, the name we see cross the screens is that of Luke Doty, who seems to be the most popular call up for the Gamecock fan base. 

Obviously, we see in many plays where Hill gets jammed in the backfield and taken down, which seems to spring the Doty chant for fans. Maybe Gamecock nation misses the likes of Jake Bentley, and it would seem Doty fits that archetype.

Again though, to what purpose is that beneficial to do?

Is there a certain amount the score would need to be to have a new change during the game? Doty is getting some runs plays to break free and get his feet wet. Is that too little for what fans want to see?

How about Hilinski though? It seems not many have asked for the incumbent starter from last season. 

Coach Muschamp was adamant that if the current starter doesn’t cut it then he would be replaced. So if we do end up seeing some blowouts, not because our QB isn’t performing, but rather that the team we’re playing is that good and we just don’t posses the tools necessary to hang around, is that the time we should be asking why not a new QB?

Not for them to assume the starting role, but rather just for something new to watch in an already brutal game.

All we can hope for is that, no matter who is under center, this team can find a way to salvage the second half of this 2020 season.

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