To No One’s Surprise, Collin Hill To Start Yet Again For The Gamecocks

Early Friday afternoon it was announced that Collin Hill would once again get the start this week on the road at Ole Miss.

The announcement of Hill starting comes after two back to back blowout losses, in which the Gamecocks were outscored 100-27.

Yeah, that actually happened.

Because of that statistic and many other reasons, fans took to Twitter and other social media outlets to express their concern and displeasure with Hill, and demanding a change had to be made.

It looked like fifth-year head coach Will Muschamp decided for once to listen to the fans, as the quarterback competition was up for grabs this week all to give it to Hill once again and light a spark in the hearts and souls of Gamecock faithful who rightfully deserve a change of some kind. 

Unlike most, I don’t think Collin Hill is the true problem of the team, and that it’s a root much bigger than that. However, you have to agree with the fans and supporters when they say enough is enough, some change has to occur and quarterback is a good place to start at.

Like it or not, South Carolina is 2-4 in all conference play and hasn’t been very sound offensively this season, so maybe it was time for a spark. With the quarterback competition occurring, it at first sounded like coaches and staff we’re going to make a change, but decided to hold back.

Like I said earlier, while i don’t blame Hill for the downward spiral of this season, in any situation in life if something isn’t going right or is going the wrong way you make a change and try to see if this change can fix your outcome. Who knows, starting Doty or Hilinski may not have made a difference overall in the scheme of the record and statistics.

However, at this point, the Gamecocks really have nothing to lose in giving the freshman Luke Doty or former incumbent starter Ryan Hilinski by giving them just a little bit of playing time to see what they can do.

Just a simple change could have given a spark to the team and fans and restored hope in the season. When your #1 guy struggles and has guys behind him who can sling it, you should give the other guys an opportunity. 

Before the season even started, I talked and discussed with several fans about how the 2020 season is a “free year” and that eligibility wouldn’t count. I thought because of this, Will Muschamp and Mike Bobo may consider starting Doty or Hilinski, as with this being a free year it adds more development to them and can really be a good year for both of them to grow and advance to next season, where hopefully the term “free year” won’t exist anymore.

I think in a season like this you should give your young players the chance to play and show what they can do, not only for Covid, but because right now the Gamecocks are also 2-4 and really just don’t have anything to lose at this point.

Will Muschamp looks to be on his way out, so why not get some new blood and try something new.

And guess what? If Doty or Hilinski struggle, then you get to put Hill back out there and say that you were right all along. 

I think this quarterback dilemma all season really starts with and stems from Will Muschamp and his staffs’ continuing struggle to accept reality and see what is occurring around them. Time and time again, Will Muschamp looks out of place and clueless, and refuses to acknowledge the dilemma he’s in and make changes, and I think this is just another element of that.

If Hilinski or Doty start and play excellent and knock it out of the park, it ultimately makes Mike Bobo and Will Muschamp look stupid. And with egos as big as those two, that just isn’t going to happen. 

If Hill continues to struggle this weekend at Ole Miss, don’t expect a change. We’ve seen time and time again that this staff is going to do what they want and at this point are just going to ride it out with Collin Hill.

They can’t handle the press and impact of a new and young quarterback and this hard-headedness of Will Muschamp is the reason why there will be a for sale sign in Lake Murray come December.

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