Top Performances From Gamecocks In The NFL: Week Ten

It was a good day week to be a rookie defensive lineman in the NFL. Both Javon Kinlaw and DJ Wonnum continued to show their potential, but a lot of former Gamecocks were either injured or on a bye this week.

Here are some notable performances from this past week. 

Mike Davis 

Davis didn’t have the best week, but give him credit because he went up against the toughest run defense in the league.

Davis only had 44 total yards, but he continued to show that he can be a good replacement for Christian McCaffery.

He will get the chance to start this week too, and he could end up finding a new team after this season due to being a starting quality running back. 

Javon Kinlaw 

Congratulations to Kinlaw on his first NFL career sack. Kinlaw has already been a nightmare for quarterbacks, but he didn’t record a sack before this week.

Kinlaw did all he could to help a beat up 49ers defense stop Drew Brees and the Saints.

Brees unfortunately suffered an injury in that game, but Kinlaw showed that he’s already one of the best rookies in the league. 

DJ Wonnum 

I did say last week that Wonnum had the opportunity to show out against a porous Chicago offensive line.

Wonnum picked up his third sack of the season on Monday night. He definitely hasn’t disappointed Vikings fans especially since he secured a victory over the Packers a couple weeks ago.

Wonnum continues to get better every week. 

Joseph Charleton 

Why not give some love to punters?

Besides the fact that Charleton has a 50 percent completion percentage, he also is 11th in average punting yards in the NFL. He also has the eight longest punt in the league this season with a 67 yard punt.

The Gamecocks finally have an elite punter in the NFL. They haven’t had one since Spencer Lanning.


It was a little bit of a quiet week for Gamecocks in the NFL, but there are still some players I could give credit to. Veterans like Deebo Samuel and Stephon Gilmore should be back soon, and the rookies will continue to improve every week.

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