Chase Miller Gives His Top Candidates To Take The Gamecocks Head Coaching Job

As the Gamecocks coaching search rages on, there’s plenty of debate in regards to who would be the best fit for South Carolina.

Below are my top choices to be Carolina’s next head football coach:

Shane Beamer

Shane Beamer has had a tremendous amount of success as an offensive coach. Shane Bearmer’s first year as an assistant coach at Virginia Tech where he would go on to take David Wilson, the running back at the time, would break the school’s rushing record in a single season.

Beamer is the best choice and he deserves this opportunity to put South Carolina back on the right track. The reason I feel like Beamer will be South Carolina’s best option is that he was a special teams/outside linebacker coach and a recruiting coordinator in his final two years at South Carolina under Steve Spurrier.

Not only did he help Spurrier out tremendously, but he also was recruiting at a very high level with his first class as a recruiting coordinator that ranked 12th best in the nation. 

South Carolina would then go on to have once again back to back Top 25 classes in 2010 and 2011.

Shane Beamer would then have an extraordinary season in 2019, having one of the best offensive teams in college football with Oklahoma. They would go on to finish with 537.8 offensive yards a game, including a total of five touchdowns per game.

Beamer has shown interest and I believe he will be coming to the Gamecocks in December. If we were to bring in Beamer, I feel he would push to bring Alex Grinch with him as well from Oklahoma.

He has helped out that defense tremendously in just two years, going from one of the worst defenses to Top 50 nationally.

Steve Sarkisian

Posing a 46-35 record as a head coach, Sarkisan has had some mediocre seasons with Washington and USC.

After having a decent year at USC with a 9-4 record in 2014, he would then go onto start next season 3-2 just to be fired after five games. Later on, he would then get his shot at the University Of Alabama, where he would go onto lead a team with an extreme athletic and fast offense that seemed to be unstoppable.

The reason Sarkisian and Beamer are my top two is having an offensive minded coach is something we need and need bad. Mike Bobo might move on this year after the firing of Muschamp, so that leaves a question to where do we go now? 

If we were to get Sarkisian, then I could see Travaris Robertson being done and Sarkisian bringing in his former defensive coordinator Justin Wilcox from USC, now the head coach at California.

While at California, Justin Wilcox has averaged a Top 35 defense every year, except his first year in 2017. These two could be the difference maker for the Gamecocks and with his recruiting talent, we could see some big names in the next year or two.

Billy Napier

In his first two seasons as a head coach, Napier has made a mark on why he is already an experienced coach with a 18-10 record with two division titles.

In my personal opinion I don’t see Napier coming, as it seems he loves his job and even dismissed the rumors of coming to South Carolina. However, anything can happen.

During his time in Louisiana Lafayette, he has averaged a Top 10 offense with also a Top 20 defense. Napier is a great choice for the Gamecocks and if he was to decide he wanted to come, not only does he have a great recruiting and coaching mind but he has a great defensive coordinator in Patrick Toney. Toney is just 30 years old, giving a great defensive presence every game this season.

These two would really make a huge difference at Carolina for the next 20+ years if things work out and Napier decides to join the Gamecocks in 2021. 

Napier has shown signs of being one of the best coaches in college football with the Ragin Cajuns, as the first game of the season beating #17 Iowa State 31-14.

The Gamecocks have some good choices to choose from, but these two being the youngest choices could impact Ray Tanner’s decision on getting Napier for a decent amount.

Bryan Harsin

Bryan Harsin right now is the head coach at Boise State. Harsin is a dark horse that nobody really has been talking about for the South Carolina head coaching job.

At Boise State, Harsin boasts a record of 64-17, with an average of 10 wins per season. At the age of 44, he is perfect for the Gamecocks and I see a great coach in him.

Boise States 2020 class ranked 65th in the nation with multiple three stars. Harsin reminds me a lot of Steve Spurrier when it comes to recruiting and the level of talent he gets, as he turns these three starts into superstars, having 10+ wins every year with this kind of recruiting.

Last year, Boise State finished with a 12-2 record, averaging 34.7 points a game finishing 19th in the nation and allowed 21 points per game.

With a school like South Carolina, Harsin would be able to recruit at a high level and turn top talent into elite talent. Bringing Harsin could also mean bringing his offensive coordinator from Boise State with him Eric Kiesau.

Kiesau has averaged a Top 20 offense in the country besides one year in 2017. Harsin is a Top 5 candidate for me and hoping to see him in the discussion soon.

Mike Elko

Elko is the only defensive minded on this list and here’s why.

While at Texas A&M, Elko has been dominant on defense and it’s something that South Carolina needs. Just last year, the Aggies ranked 8th in total defense humiliating offenses in the SEC.

If Elko was to take over as the Gamecocks head coach, big things could come. Under Elko, there could easily be a Top 20 defense in his 2nd year, including hopefully having Bobo by his side running the offense with a future NFL running back in Kevin Harris and young talent within Luke Doty and Gunner Stockton.

If Bobo was to leave then it would be a great pickup as Mike Elko coached with Chip Long at Notre Dame which could be a good possibility that he could get Chip Long to come help him coach for the Gamecocks

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