All Aboard The Shane Train: Why Shane Beamer Is The Best Hire For South Carolina Football

As South Carolina is in the thick of a coaching search, it seems as every fan has their pick for who they want to be the next head coach at South Carolina.

Whether it be Napier, Chadwell, or anyone else, everyone has their mind made up and knows who their pick is, and mine is Oklahoma assistant HC/Co-OC Shane Beamer. 

Starting with the obvious, Beamer used to coach at South Carolina, in the best years of the program’s history, and also assisted in pulling in some of the best recruits in Gamecock history. Beamer knows Columbia and the area, and would be a great name to get recruiting back on its feet and back to elite classes stockpiled with program changing talent.

Beamer’s recruiting tenure isn’t the only reason I want him however.

Beamer was apart of one of the best cultures in college football and would restore the Gamecock mindset to the football program, bringing in a new and old energy that Gamecock fans are craving for. 

I think it’s also important that Beamer wants to win at South Carolina and was here during South Carolina’s success. It’s not just another head coaching job, it’s coming back home to one of the first places he coached at, and being able to create a new program of his own.

South Carolina needs a coach who bleeds garnet and black and truly wants to restore the program to its winning ways. Beamer was here in the glory days, and he has the passion to restore this program to what it was in those years.

Gamecock fans know that they aren’t going to win 11 games every year and don’t expect that, but they just want consistency and a coach who cares about their school and truly wants to win here.

It’s also important to look at Shane Beamer’s connections and where all he’s been outside of South Carolina.

Starting with the obvious, Beamer’s father is the legendary Frank Beamer, who turned a nobody VT program into a powerhouse. Beamer has picked up a thing or two from his father and wants to build a program like his father did at VT, but here at South Carolina.

For the past few years Beamer has served as the co-offensive coordinator for the Sooners, working side by side with Lincoln Riley and drawing up plays for his record breaking offenses. Beamer has truly worked with the best and is ready for a head coach opportunity.

Shane has had plenty of HC offers but has opted to stay at Oklahoma and wait for the South Carolina job.

Now, his dream job is open, and he has his chance to create his own VT at South Carolina.

7 thoughts on “All Aboard The Shane Train: Why Shane Beamer Is The Best Hire For South Carolina Football

  1. Linus Taylor

    …Shane has been nothing more that a skill level coach…he had no problem landing the best talent for a legend like spurrier. Hell I could sell that all damn day. You people better wake up from whatever your smoking. Jesus Christ wake the hell up. If he was all that the best talent would be in Oklahoma and guess what it’s not. It’s in the upstate…. not in Oklahoma. Just think for a second….no you want because you are following the clan off the cliff like blind sheep🤣🤣🤣🤣

    1. Kevin Baim

      So your saying, he’s not worthy. Lou Holtz was an established head coach and cave to south Carolina and promptly lost 11 straight games. Everything turned around in a hurry. I don’t want some old coach that’s going to leave in 5 years or get lazy with recruiting and then quit.

  2. James

    Muschamp can recruit and Ive seen enough of him. We need some who can develop talent. Chadwell helped csu win. Not a place you can recruit. Hes my pic.

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