Better Days Ahead: Why The Future Is Bright For The Gamecocks Offense

As we close into the final game of the 2020 season, in the midst of the darkness of the losing season we have seen some bright spots in the program.

A very young South Carolina offense and the potential it has in future years gives hope for the faithful fans of South Carolina football. 

With all of the opt outs and injuries, we have been able to see many freshmen and young guys get playing time and be in control of the game opposed to outgoing veterans. This can really build new depth as we enter into the offseason and will help the next head coach when he behinds the rebuilding process.

The dynamic pair of Luke Doty and Kevin Harris is just a start, and there are many more young names on the offense that are beginning to emerge as starters.

We began to see the emergence of Zaquandre White last week, as he played not only offense, but defense as well. He was also all over the field on special teams as well.

For the first time in a long time, South Carolina looks to have a fresh and full squad on offense. It’s a group of guys that have had the experience this season to be even better next season.

A big boost will also come in the form of the return of once highly sought after running back prospect MarShawn Lloyd.

LLoyd was set to be RB1 for the Gamecocks until suffering from a torn ACL in practice weeks before the first game of the season. Lloyd was the presumptive RB1 over both Kevin Harris and Deshaun Fenwick.

If he was better in practice than Kevin Harris, the current SEC rushing leader, then this South Carolina rushing attack is going to be a game-changer next season. 

South Carolina also returns playmakers in Jaheim Bell, Ger-Cari Caldwell, and Rico Powers. Getting these youngsters on the field these last few games has been a plus, as all three have shown flashes in this USC offense.

With one game remaining, we still have a chance to see even more action from young players and continue to add to more depth for the future.

Another factor is that this year is a free year, and if chosen to do so, some players can return for another year next year, adding to more depth on that side of the ball and even more playmakers. This also helps with a decimated 2021 recruiting class that won’t be bringing in a lot for the Gamecocks this year, which is why it’s critical for the next head coach to try to keep as many current players as possible.

We know that most likely Shi Smith and Sadarius Hutcherson will be departing for the NFL Draft. However, besides those two, mostly everyone else will stay at South Carolina or potentially transfer out, leaving the room for guys who got solid playing time this season to potentially start and see even more action next season. 

By next season, we could also have a big QB battle, pending if Ryan Hilinski and Collin Hill come back next season. If both choose to leave the program, Luke Doty would most likely start to pave the way for the future of the quarterback position, which is Gunner Stockton in 2022, if he decides to stay with the Gamecocks.

South Carolina will also have four-star QB Colten Gauthier on the roster next season, who could potentially have a say in the quarterback battle.

Having so many young guys on the offensive side of the ball and most likely getting an offensive minded coach will help make the offense strong for many years to come.

It all starts with a dynamic running game that should feature both Kevin Harris and MarShawn Lloyd, who should be two of the more explosive running backs in the SEC for years to come.

One thought on “Better Days Ahead: Why The Future Is Bright For The Gamecocks Offense

  1. Jay

    I’m sorry man but this is far too positive for Gamecock nation. The next coach is gonna be a dud. I don’t care who they hire he’s gonna suck and we’ll never recruit like those Orange Hillbilies upstate we should just cancel our program and join the Orange Cult that worships Saint Dabo.

    People need to calm down. Sometimes a giant leap can require a step back. Great things ahead.

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