Top Performances From Gamecocks In The NFL: Week Twelve

It was a good week to be a 49er, especially if your name is Deebo Samuel or Javon Kinlaw.

Seriously, these two were key pieces in the 49ers’ sweep of the Los Angeles Rams. They also both helped the 49ers stay in the playoff race.

Anyway, here are the best performances from week 12 by former Gamecocks: 

Deebo Samuel 

Without George Kittle, the 49ers offense runs through Deebo Samuel. Even though Raheem Mostert returned, Deebo has solidified himself as a good receiver and even silenced Aaron Donald.

He finished with 11 receptions for 133 yards. He also showed off his insane combination of strength and speed.

Any team that can stop the 49ers rushing attack will have to put up with Deebo instead. 

Javon Kinlaw 

Congratulations to Kinlaw on his first NFL defensive touchdown. I know not all South Carolina fans are happy with him right now, but he’s still a player we should all support at the next level.

If you would’ve told me that Kinlaw would have as many interceptions this year as Stephon Gilmore, I would’ve called you crazy.

Kinlaw has been extremely good this year with quarterback pressures, and it’s awesome to see him succeed in the NFL. 


Those are really the only performances that stood out this week from former Gamecocks.

A lot of players are still doing well like DJ Wonnum and Mike Daivs. I’d also like to give a shoutout to Davis, who is currently second in the NFL in broken tackles among running backs.

It was also nice to see Alshon Jeffery back after dealing with injuries the whole year.

There’s still a lot of football left to be played, and maybe some players like Chris Lammons or Jared Cook will see some action in the playoffs.

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