Gamecocks MBB: Is It Time To Move On From Frank Martin?

Jan 19, 2021; Columbia, Missouri, USA; South Carolina Gamecocks head coach Frank Martin reacts after a play against the Missouri Tigers during the first half at Mizzou Arena. Mandatory Credit: Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

In the midst of the Gamecocks Basketball struggles, whispers are now circulating about a possible coaching change from Frank Martin, is this the correct choice?

The South Carolina Men’s Basketball team has hit a major speed bump in their post-COVID season. The Gamecocks are currently 4-6 in their last ten games with only two wins in SEC play. The Gamecocks recently lost to Vanderbilt, a feasible win for the organization. Frank Martin and company have been really underperforming all season. Obviously, the cancellation of nine games spread throughout the season surely didn’t help, and losing team leaders and coach Frank Martin surely didn’t help the leadership in the locker room.

Before the start of the season, the Gamecocks were surely ready to make a postseason push into the NCAA March Madness. Most analysts even expected the team to surprise the SEC and to shock the NCAA.

The equation made so much sense, a really talented upperclassmen in AJ Lawson, some studded talent with Keyshawn Bryant and Alonzo Frink and even a great Sophomore in Jermaine Couisnard. With a seasoned coach like Frank Martin and talent from the top of the roster to the bottom, the Gamecocks were sure for a deep SEC tournament bout.

Is Frank Martin to blame?

It’s so hard to be a South Carolina fan and that certainly extends to the basketball program. As someone who loves the sport of basketball, it’s so challenging to be genuinely involved with a program that underperforms. Frank Martin isn’t a bad coach but he is not the future of our program. The future of the organization cannot be with a coach that can’t recruit and doesn’t create consistency.

Martin is really bad at recruiting. When Martin came in, he came during a rebuild area in Columbia and was able to directly come into an improving basketball, early success led him to pick up decent recruits during the beginning of his tenure. In 2015, Martin was able to secure five-star recruit PJ Dozier, who was the state’s best basketball player. Since the team has not been able to pull any great recruits. It’s so bad to the point where Martin has not even been able to recruit a full-star athlete in the last four years. The fact that ONE program in the state over the last decade has found major March Madness success, is crazy considering that South Carolina has still lost the state’s best recruits year after year.

The team still has its share of on-court issues and a lot of it can be due to a lack of discipline. The team has still not found an efficient shooter from the field, the team is inconsistent on offense and the Gamecocks are absolutely awful from the charity stripe. Terrible shooting at the free-throw line is something that can be improved, and creating consistency on offense is a major part of a coach’s gameplan.

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