Ranking The Best Walk-Up Songs For 2021 Gamecocks Baseball

The walk-up song. It’s as American as apple pie and a true staple of the game of baseball.

Ask any ballplayer the importance of the walk-up song. It sets the stage, sets the tone and rolls out the red carpet for what’s about to unfold.

Some are intimidating, some are funny and some are downright silly. All in all however, they all play a special part in the game of baseball.

Today, I grade this year’s Carolina ball club and their walk-up song choices. Let’s get it. 

5. Brennan Milone, “Desparado – Rihanna”

The intro to this Rihanna hit makes this an all-time walkup song. The slow buildup to the chorus is A+ in my opinion.

This would have been much higher on the list had Brennan gone with the slowed down version, which has gone viral on TikTok and even used for a video we posted a few months ago.

Still, for a big bopper like Milone, this walkup song is a high quality pick for a high quality hitter.

4. George Callil, “Devil In A New Dress – Kanye West”

Any time you use a Kanye song for the walkup, it’s going to smash. That’s certainly the case with the Carolina shortstop from down under.

Just the overall vibe of this song is unmatched and really fits well with a guy like Callil, who plays with a swagger and confidence that is unmatched.

3. Braylen Wimmer, “Breakaway – Kelly Clarkson”

Like I said earlier…some walkup songs are intimidating and strike fear into the opposition.

However, some are downright hilarious and such is the case with Braylen Wimmer’s choice.

I remember this song banging when I was in high school, so kudos to the youngster for digging into the archives for this one.

I got a good laugh the first time I heard it and this is definitely one that sticks out amongst the Carolina roster.

2. Andrew Eyster, “Cold As Ice – Foreigner”

I mean, this one is an absolute no brainer and genius move by our guy Eyster.

The play on words with his last name being EYSter and “ICE” obviously puts this selection high on our list.

My only gripe is this: you NEVER want to refer to yourself as “cold as ice” in baseball.

Luckily, that hasn’t bothered Andrew in the slightest, as he’s been ripping the cover off the ball thru four games this season.

1. Wes Clarke, “Many Men – 21 Savage”

Wes Clarke. That’s it. That’s the reasoning. What more needs to be said here?

The kid is off to an INSANE start, hitting .769 with SIX home runs, 12 RBI and slugging an absurd 2.308% thru four games this season.

The stout Clarke is already intimidating stepping into the box. Pair that with a FIRE track by none other than 21 Savage? AND it’s a spin off of 50 Cent’s old classic?

Bravo, Mr. Clarke. The reaper of souls himself takes the crown when it comes to the most bad ass intro music on this 2021 Gamecocks baseball squad.


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