The Four Major Differences I Guarantee You Will See From The Muschamp Era To The Beamer Era

If you’ve read any of my draft profile articles so far, you can probably tell I am not the biggest fan of Will Muschamp.

Not the biggest fan is an understatement, (My Halloween Costume was Muschamp with a “fire me” label on me), but he wasn’t the WORST coach this university has ever had.

On the other hand, I have been on the Shane Train since the A&M game before Muschamp was fired, and I could not be more excited to see him represent the university. With all that being said, there will be a lot of changes from the old staff to the new.

Whether that be the NFL experience this new staff has, whether it be experience Beamer has with some of the best teams in Gamecock history, or whether it be that are schedule isn’t more terrifying than the sinister movies, the 2021 football season will be different.

I’m going to explain here just exactly what I think will be the easiest things to notice, and how if any of y’all aren’t all aboard just yet, you will be. 


Specifically on the defensive side of the ball, Muschamp had his favorites. Regardless what they did, how they did it, they were on the field, coddled off the field and babied in the locker room, (I could only assume by how sensitive some of them turned out to be).

If you aren’t familiar with how teams were run under the HBC (Steve Spurrier) back when he was at the helm or you have yet to noticed all the talk about a “New Culture” coming to Carolina, well let me put it this way. It will 100% start with accountability.

Players will finally be held responsible for failure, effort, etc. and while that doesn’t mean the Frank Martin system of pulling a player out from one mistake, it means that players know they need to perform. It means that players know that they need to play for the university, and not a future NFL contract.

They will understand to accept a role on a team instead of expecting one because of their star ranking out of high school or anything else. The effort on this team will go up, and it starts with accountability.

The Use of The Transfer Portal

Yes, I know this year has been a weird one, and we made up for our lack of recruiting with the portal, but hear this. Our staff has a ridiculous amount of experience in a wide variety of areas, specifically Coach Beamer, Coach Satterfield, and even guys Like Coach Hardesty.

This wide band of connections, whether you believe it or not will help us outsource to so many potential guys that may be under the radar that we could get our hands on and turn into stars. Getting transfers and even JUCO players is an extremely underrated and underused way of getting guys.

I mean since 2010, three Heisman trophy winners were transfers or JUCO guys, (Joe Burrow, Baker Mayfield and Cam Newton).

Get behind getting experienced guys from this route, and as a fanbase we shouldn’t be expecting five star after five star, like I know some fans do.

A Competent, Explainable QB Room

Ok, this isn’t a shot at Muschamp, but entirely on Bobo. I’m still confused as to what in the world happened last year.

Ryan Hilinski, (who to my knowledge was loved by me and the fanbase), comes back after pulling a few wins together with an injury in a crazy year, somehow loses to a man who can barely run five yards in Collin Hill.

Then, to make matters even crazier, rather than try to get a full evaluation on Ryan by actually playing him, we play Freshman Luke Doty for 3 games, and we still don’t truly know what we have with him.

Hilinski obviously left for Northwestern, but Coach Beamer was on staff for the transition from Murray to Hurts to Rattler.

Oklahoma had a clear QB room with clear expectations, and I hope after the Brown vs Doty battle this offseason, we have a clear QB room with an understanding of expectations.


Teams that have culture, teams that play for each other and for their schools, these are the teams that have an understanding of expectations and thus are consistent. As mentioned earlier, the culture I know for a fact Coach Beamer will bring will implement this.

The expectations for each week will be understood and met to the best of our teams abilities. Rather than beating Georgia, then allowing Tennessee to drop 40+ or rather then beating Auburn, then losing to a freshman QB making his debut for the worst LSU team in 15 years, we’ll beat the teams we should beat, and fight against teams we maybe shouldn’t.

That is my number one expectation with Beamer and his staff, and I hope more of the fanbase can get behind him on that.

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