An Open Letter to Former Gamecocks DB Jaycee Horn

I genuinely hope Jaycee reads this.

About a month ago, I wrote my first article for The Spurs Up Show, and well, my first article ever. I’ve followed sports my entire life, making draft profiles well before this year and I’d like to say I’ve been relatively accurate.

My first this year was on Gamecock corner, Jaycee Horn. I had him slotted as the 16th overall pick and infamously stated he wasn’t as athletic as other top corners in the draft, which I was absolutely torched on Twitter about.

Now, on the day after his pro day, I felt compelled to actually write a follow up article, re-analyzing him and just saying my general thoughts on his career.

I grew up a Tennessee supporter, not really a fan, more an SEC fan. My dad was a huge Vol fan and I was always heavily invested in college football. My senior year of high school however, I knew I wanted to be a Gamecock, (I am), and that was Jaycee’s freshman year as well.

He quickly became one of my favorite players along with guys like Deebo Samuel and Rico Dowdle. After having a solid sophomore year I had been hyping up Jaycee to all my friends back home, saying he was CB1 in the nation, all that, only to, in my opinion, have somewhat of a let down 2020 season. Now a defense is 11 guys, and a defense coached by Will Muschamp is also a complete mess, even though I know Jaycee loves his old coach.

Outside of the Auburn game, the defense was lackluster, and I feel that might have had a bias on my opinion of Horns performance. Sure he didn’t have great statistical games, but he did his job compared to the rest of the defense.

After game seven obviously Jaycee announced he was opting out for the NFL draft, and I feel I have to address this, but if you genuinely think he’s a quitter please shoot me a DM or something telling me why.

I didn’t like the decision, but I asked myself before writing this, if my HS basketball coach got fired mid season would I keep playing, and the answer was no, I’d quit too. Plus with COVID, I don’t get the quitter comments. It’s 100% OK TO NOT LIKE THE DECISION, but I saw somebody said he shouldn’t be allowed to use the facilities… like what?

Now onto the main thing though, Jaycee Horn’s pro day.

My original gripe about him was compared to other top corners, he wasn’t as fast or as athletic. Well, he’s faster than Surtain… which I never thought I’d say in my life. 4.37 40, 41.5 vert, like these are Russell Westbrook numbers, I wanna see him through down a fast break windmill.

Clearly I misspoke when I said that and honestly, knowing Jaycee tweeted about not being athletic, and responding to the article, I hope it lit even a tiny bit of fire under him. I said to go prove me wrong, and well, he did.

The most interesting thing to me is what this speed does for his projection. Having not really showcased it playing in college, but clearly having it, this allows him to play an outside press on almost any WR in the league, barring crazy sub 4.3 guys like Tyreek Hill.

The only guys who can do this are Jalen Ramsey, and Stephon Gilmore. Obviously Jaycee won’t walk into the league that good, but based on numbers abs technique he can be… and I hope he turns out that way.

I’ve always supported you Jaycee, (If he’s reading this), I got a little frustrated when people were hyping you up a little too much but I was wrong. Day 1 lockdown in the NFL, pick 10 to the Dallas Cowboys, first CB taken overall.

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