The Gamecocks Continue To Live Rent Free In Clemson’s Head As Tigers FanSided Site “Rubbing The Rock” Posts One Of The Most Sad Attempts To Jab At A Rival You’ll Ever See

We all get it. Clemson fans are the worst. In other news, the sky is blue.

But you know what may even be worse than their fans? Their braindead “media” guys that are so far up Dabo Swinney’s ass they can’t see straight.

Anyways, some Clemson fan inbred thought it would be funny to take a jab at South Carolina, as he was bothered by the Gamecocks media team posting a video of Carolina Panthers coach Matt Rhule praising Shane Beamer, Carolina’s facilities and total operation as a football program.

Clemson football: South Carolina stages video with NFL head coach

If you want a good laugh, take a glance. I’ll summarize it for you: basically, this guy believes the video was STAGED and that USC is somehow trying to copy Clemson by publishing this video.

Uhhhhhh, what?

To think that Matt Rhule, the HEAD COACH OF A NFL FRANCHISE, was somehow FORCED to stand there in Gamecocks apparel and say what he said is a LAUGHABLE take at best.

Does he have a previous relationship with South Carolina OC Marcus Satterfield? Sure. But to think he, along with tons of other NFL GMs/scouts/coaches/etc. would say something they don’t mean just for the cameras is bonkers.

Nah. All this is is another sad attempt by an orange and purple lunatic to slander South Carolina and what the Gamecocks are building under Shane Beamer.

I mean, it’s genuinely crazy to me. You’d think a program like Clemson, with all the recent success they’ve had nationally and over South Carolina, wouldn’t be this fragile.

However, they prove me wrong time and time again. The Gamecocks live rent free in Clemson’s head and the Tigers fanbase shows “little brother syndrome” time and time again.

To the guys over at Fansided and any other Clemson content creators for that matter: next time you try to troll your rival, at least try to be somewhat witty/creative.

That’s probably asking too much from those single brain celled cousin fuckers from the Upstate.

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