Good Riddance! Transfer Portal claims Gamecock TJ Moss

The South Carolina Gamecocks have lost three players in the last two days to the Transfer Portal, the latest is TJ Moss.


So obviously, the current state of the South Carolina Gamecocks basketball program is a complete dumpster fire. After the news of Trae Hannibal transferring and Jalyn McCreary leaving Columbia, TJ Moss has decided he’d rather play elsewhere. 

But my biggest question is WHO DOES TJ MOSS THINK HE’LL PLAY FOR? The nicest blanket term for Moss’ career in Columbia is… bad. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, TJ Moss was a waste of minutes on the Gamecocks roster. Moss is a turnover machine who never was truly efficient at scoring anywhere past a seven-foot jumper. Honestly good riddance to Moss, he was a waste of minutes at the guard position.

But let’s digress, the state of the program is kinda terrifying. 

At this point you have major role-players like Hannibal and McCreary who are ditching ship and with our most talented player Keyshawn Bryant testing NBA Draft waters, the Gamecocks are in for a rude awakening. At this point the team is in danger for young talents Devin Carter and Jacobi Wright decommit from the university. 

Ultimately the scariest part of this entire process is that we can lose a legitimate baller like Jacobi Wright. But TJ Moss’ departure isn’t that detrimental, it does seem like there is a movement for players to leave Colonial Life Arena. This is likely coming off of the horrific season that coach Frank Martin put us through and the University has given him next season to get his program together, which kind of shows a lack of trust in the players on top of not trusting Martin at all. 

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