It’s Finally Here: Here’s Everything You Should Care About Heading Into This Weekend’s Garnet & Black Spring Game

If you’re a Gamecock football fan before every other adjective in the world used to describe people, then by God say it with me: IT IS SPRING GAME WEEK.

Having request my student ticket weeks ago, and having a lack of content to write on since I mostly focus on football, this is enough to get my blood pumping for seven straight days.

With the spring game comes a lot of people wondering what actually matters about it, and usually for elite level teams, it really comes down to how your QB looks and if anybody is breaking out…that’s it.

As many Gamecock fans know however, thanks to Georgia’s new assistant to the regional manager and Auburns new QB Killer, we are far from elite!

That however, makes the spring game all the more interesting. It gives us as fans the first chance to see what the Shane Train is looking like in person, as well as what the offense, defense, and well everything will look like come September 4th when we take on Eastern Illinois (fun fact, they produced Jimmy G and Tony Romo).

So here we go, this is what you should care about going into spring game week.

1. Baseball vs Arkansas

Yes, I know this is a football article… but how could I not. This is obvious, go Yardcocks, eat pig this week, not chicken.

2. QB play

Another obvious one, but Doty, Brown and Gauthier will be the three most intriguing players on the field at all times.

With Doty being touted as a locker room leader ALREADY and having a rough end to the year, it’ll be interesting to see what he’s improved on. On the other hand, it’ll be very interesting to see how Jason Brown’s game and size will translate to a potential Packerish offense in Columbia.

Lastly, Gauthier has a clean slate, and this is his first way to woo over any Gamecock fan on day 1.

3. WR Standouts

If you’ve watched Gamecock football at all since 2018… there’ve been three WRs that have been AWESOME. Deebo, B-Edwards, and Shi, and after that… nothing.

Guess what Gamecocks, that might, probably, hopefully, will change. With big transfers Ahmarean Brown and E.J. Jenkins, we have a speed threat and a red zone threat with experience, these two will probably look great… but what about that #3 spot?

Three names I’m excited to see are Xavier Legette, Dak Joyner and Ortre Smith. I’m intrigued to see if any has finally made the leap forward many of us have been waiting to see.

4. Will Our Secondary Be Salvageable?

Jaycee, gone. Izzy, gone. Jammie Robinson, gone. Shilo, (even though he wasn’t good) gone.

That’s just the start. Regardless if you agreed with people leaving or whatever, losing so many of your defensive backs is never good.

Maybe my most intriguing aspect of the spring game is who will be lining up as CB1 for both teams. Can Smith is my obvious first choice, great player out of high school a few years back who I really think can emerge as a star this year on the defense.

Another name to watch is Jaylin Dickerson. You should remember him for the pick against Auburn, but he has a very versatile skill set and should hopefully see a lot more time this year on the field.

5. Everything else, BESIDES THE RB ROOM

We just went 2-8… everything needs improving, so you should be caring about improvements for every aspect of this team.

Not the RB room however, as Kevin Harris, the most under-appreciated, underrated, RB in the entire country, will be coming back for another great season, as well as former elite recruit Marshawn Lloyd.

The backfield will be, and if you disagree you’re wrong, the best in the country. Carolina could go 4-8, 7-5, and still without a doubt have the best 1-2 punch at RB in the nation, arguable only to Texas A&M.


So there you have it folks. Care about everything, get excited over the backfield, and let’s beat the ever living hell out of Arkansas while we’re at it.

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