Gamecocks Baseball: Why A Kiss Cam Is Necessary At Founders Park

In recent months, Gamecocks baseball has been in full swing. The team is fighting to host a Regional and keep a high spot in the rankings. But there has been one thing going on within Founders Park that has fans going crazy.

Although there has been limited capacity and high ticket prices throughout the season, Gamecocks Celebrity Chris Phillips (host of The Spurs Up Show) has been in attendance at every game, being a top superfan of the team.

Phillips is for the fans, as he provides plenty of content and great videos of Gamecocks sluggers hitting home runs, and keeping it interesting for the fans at home.

But there has been one secret Chris Phillips has been hiding for all that, and he has been exposed many times this season on the SEC Network broadcasts.

Multiple times, he has been spotted with sitting with a girl at multiple games, and even multiple times has been seen majorly flirting with her and even giving her a kiss, specifically spotted on the Sunday Game hosting the Mercer Bears.

Many people would be happy for him, but we should be skeptical.

With Chris coming out with tons of content every week, we need as little distractions we can to continue the great work he puts out. But everyone knows, once you get into a relationship, expenses go up, and time to work goes down. So who is this Woman?

There is only one way to find out; a kiss cam. With a kiss cam, we could really get a good view of who this mysterious female is that is primed to take time from Chris from all of his die hard fans. With a kiss cam she would be exposed, and no longer want Chris because of all the negative attention she would receive.

After the genius idea of making a kiss cam. We may also need to make a dump cam, so Chris can once again be single and continue creating amazing content. Although we want Chris to be happy, we should not allow his devotion to the team to be hindered.



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