Gamecocks Football: Luke Doty or Jason Brown? Who Should Be QB1 For South Carolina This Fall?

Let me start by saying this. I was expecting to come out of Sunday writing about just the spring game. However, every conversation I’ve had about it, is about this, so this is what I’m writing about.

Luke Doty.

Jason Brown.

Let’s first get all basic information out of the way. Luke Doty is a sophomore and was a 4 star recruit from Myrtle beach in our 2020 recruiting class.

Projected as QB3 last year, he rose above Collin Hill and (somehow) Ryan Hilinski to claim the starting job for the last three games of the year, losing all three.

Jason Brown is a senior transfer from St Francis. He also was mocked briefly as a 2022 NFL Draft Pick by CBS, after his stint in Pennsylvania being named an FCS All-American honorable mention in 2019.

Just by that information alone, you may be able to pick out your starter. However, the situation really comes down to two different ideologies you could believe the Gamecocks could/should go in.

If you’ve been paying any attention to the NFL Draft, this is also very similar to the rumors around the 49ers 3rd overall pick between Mac Jones and Trey Lance.

Now before I get into both options I’ll be honest. I’m in support of what I label option #2. I think it makes a lot more sense both in the long term and short term, but I’ve talked with a lot of people and I at least understand option #1.

Option #1 is starting Luke Doty. This is similar to drafting Trey Lance.

I don’t care who you are, Luke Doty is not better than Jason Brown right now. The key word is right now.

By going with Doty, you believe that Carolina football should focus on its future 100% and develop a potential elite QB early, while potentially costing us 2-3 wins this season.

The hope behind this is Doty develops, recruits see this and want to get behind it, and we build up to a higher caliber team quicker than expected. The negative to this is if Doty doesn’t develop, we’ve wasted 1-2 years of Beamers stint as the HBC.

Option #2 is starting Jason Brown. This is similar to drafting Mac Jones.

Brown is a RS Senior, so this would be his only year with the team which means developing him doesn’t matter. This would also hurt Luke Dotys development by not getting him game reps.

The positive is this: you get the better QB on the field. Brown has a connection with fellow transfer WR E.J. Jenkins and is clearly the more polished passer.

The theory is that with Brown, the Gamecocks win 2-3 more games, make a bowl game, and recruits see that as a school starting to become competitive and over time we build up a stronger program.

Those both make sense. The question really comes down to which strategy you think is more effective, mixed with how much can Luke Doty develop.

For me, I see Luke’s lack of arm strength and worry. I believe that winning games now, maybe going 6-6, 7-5 as opposed to 5-7 or another 4-8 with Doty, would be much more beneficial to recruiting and would allow us to start the process of becoming a quality program again all the more soon.

Some of my friends, however, have been saying how even with Brown we may not win those extra games, making playing him as our starter absolutely pointless, which is also a possibility.

One thing that hasn’t been taken into account however, is Brown and Doty’s friendship. The two are seen hugging and hanging out throughout the spring game which is a great sign for everybody.

Regardless which QB you side with, both options make sense. So don’t go on Twitter or Instagram shitting on anyone who doesn’t agree with you (even though I’ve already done that).

This is 100% though a huge decision for Coach Beamer, and it could have a lasting impact on the program for the next few years.

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