Which Former Gamecocks Stars Should You Take In Your Fantasy Football Draft?

If you’re a football fan, which if you’re reading this you probably are, you probably play fantasy football… and if you don’t you should.

For me, I’m in three leagues: a dynasty league, a league with my friends at school, and then the one that matters the most, my long term league with all my friends I grew up with. Shoutout to the boys in the AAFF (parody of the failed AAF) if y’all end up reading this, but boy this league is brutal.

Granted, I’m not very good, we always do our draft in person, and the same group of guys compete every year.

Off of that, I care about fantasy. Being a die hard Gamecock fan however creates some issues, as my “homer” nature makes me want to draft as many gamecocks as possible, whether or whether not that be a good decision for my team.

So here I am to help all you Gamecock fans. I’m gonna tell you three guys to draft, three guys to stay the hell away from and two guys I have absolutely zero clue what to think.

Take this with a grain of salt, as I’ve made the playoffs once in the last five years.

Draft ‘Em

Mike Davis, RB, Atlanta Falcons

I have no idea how many of y’all follow Mike on Instagram, but boy has he been doing some stuff recently I didn’t know he was big enough to do. Voicing gridiron heights characters, he’s gotten like four custom Atlanta jerseys already or something.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Mike, he’s been on my team every year I’ve played fantasy, but after his breakout for the Panthers, his relevance is actual real. Todd Gurley may or may not still be able to move his knees, but as Matthew Berry has been saying all offseason, the high powered offense is perfect for Davis.

Don’t draft him too early, but get him on your team and hope for a solid season.

Deebo Samuel, WR, San Francisco 49ers

I write this with a little anger, as Deebo’s late season injury cost me a playoff game last year. Nonetheless, Deebo is the most dynamic gamecock in the NFL.

He’s the #1 WR on a good team, and thus should be treated as a solid target even with major injury concerns.

Expect to take Deebo in the later middle rounds and pray for a healthy season.

Damiere Byrd, WR, Chicago Bears

I have zero faith in the Bears. I also have zero faith in Andy Dalton and believe it or not Justin Fields.

I do know however that Byrd is unbelievably fast and Chicago has maybe the worst receiving core in the league.

Whether or not Dalton or Fields throw 20 INTs combined won’t stop Byrds potential from breaking out in that offense and carving himself a clear role as a deep threat.

Use Byrd as a last 2-3 rounds kinda guy who may be insanely useful if this pick works out.

Avoid ‘Em

Any Gamecock TE

I’ll make this quick, every single one is in a bad situation.

Jared Cook is incredibly old, and his time in LA will be split with whatever other young TE they play, plus Herbert rarely throws to TEs. Hayden Hurst now has to compete with the best TE prospect ever Kyle Pitts, and Kyle Markway is TE4 in Cleveland.

Simply put, stay away.

Roll The Dice

If you are in a dynasty league, draft these guys. If you’re not avoid them at all costs. That being Bryan Edwards and Shi Smith.

Both these guys have incredibly high ceilings and incredibly low floors being very talented in very deep receiving rooms. I have zero idea what there careers will look like, but I have both rostered in my dynasty league.

Best of luck to all of y’all in your leagues, I’m sure I’ll go 7-8 again and still act like I know what I’m talking about.

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