Gamecocks Football: Why Stars Don’t Tell The Full Story When It Comes To Shane Beamer’s Success On The Recruiting Trail

Shane Beamer and his staff have been on an absolute tear this past week on the recruiting trail. After ten commitments in ten days and multiple visits from important prospects, there has been a lot of positivity around the future of South Carolina football.

South Carolina currently has the #27 class in the country for 2022, but some South Carolina fans are worried about the quality of the recruits who have committed.

Out of the 11 commitments, only quarterback Braden Davis and tackle Ryan Brubaker are four star recruits. All the other commitments are three star recruits.

For a program with top facilities and an incredible football atmosphere, this may seem like an area for concern. The good news is that stars don’t mean everything, and player development is really how you build a team.

Under Muschamp, South Carolina had a Top 25 recruiting class every year until 2021. Muschamp even recruited a pair of five stars who are still key pieces of the defense. The problem is there’s way more to having a good team than recruiting.

Muschamp was a good recruiter, but he was less than ideal when it came to game planning and player development. Muschamp also had five former four star recruits transfer.

He had two four star quarterbacks in Jake Bentley and Ryan Hilinski, but he couldn’t properly develop them. Recruiting clearly doesn’t mean everything.

Another team who has been able to recruit well in the past few years is Texas. They had the number three recruiting class in 2018, and have had a top 10 recruiting class every year since. In the last two years they went 8-5 and 7-3.

A bunch of teams look to hire recruiters because stars are so attractive, and everyone wants the blue chip recruits. They also forget that you have to develop a player over his collegiate career.

If you want more proof that stars aren’t everything, it would help to look back at the Spurrier years. Connor Shaw, arguably the greatest South Carolina quarterback ever, was a three star recruit out of high school.

Other notable three star recruits were D.J. Swearinger, Brandon Wilds, Dylan Thompson, Skai Moore, Pharoh Cooper, Deebo Samuel, Rashad Fenton and others.

I’m not saying that Shane Beamer is guaranteed to take these players and win a national championship. I just want South Carolina fans to take a step back and breathe before freaking out about stars.

If you really do care about stars, it’ll help to know that Beamer still has a bunch of four star targets who haven’t committed. After this week of visits, I feel more confident in Beamer than I’ve ever felt before.

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