Gamecock Football: South Carolina’s 2021 Opponents As Game Of Thrones Characters

Since we’re in a quiet period of football right now, I figure it would be fun to make a comparison between South Carolina’s 2021 schedule and certain Game Of Thrones characters.

Hopefully the 2021 season will go better than season eight of the critically acclaimed HBO series, but who knows with this schedule. Let’s get into the comparisons.

(Warning: Spoilers Ahead)

Eastern Illinois: The Night’s Watch Deserter

I picked the Night’s Watch Deserter because he is the first person in the entire show to be killed by a human. The deserter entered Ned Stark’s home of Winterfell and lost his head for desertion.

Eastern Illinois will enter Williams-Brice Stadium and will hopefully be the first loss the Gamecocks hand out.

It won’t be as cold as Winterfell, but the environment will be just as hostile in Columbia.

East Carolina: Balon Greyjoy

The comparison is obvious here since the Greyjoys are known for living on the ocean like pirates. The East Carolina Pirates will host South Carolina on September 11.

The Greyjoys are known for their nava and failed rebellions. A lot like East Carolina, nobody in the country is really worried about them.

They’re coming off a 3-6 season, and this SHOULD be an easy win for South Carolina.

Georgia: The Dothraki

 The Dothraki is an army of savages who sailed across the ocean to help Daenerys Targaryen conquer Westeros.

Georgia fans are an army of savages who bark and howl like the Dothraki. However, the Dothraki are an elite army who is more trained than any army in Westeros.

Georgia got a ton of elite transfers, and they will once again have an incredibly strong team. The only difference is that South Carolina will have to travel to Athens instead of those savages coming to Columbia.

Kentucky: Theon Greyjoy

I picked Theon because he’s different from all the Greyjoys. He’s a lot like Kentucky because he has an overinflated ego and thinks he’s the best, but everyone just laughs at him.

He’s not the smartest guy, and he thinks one small victory makes him the king of the Iron Islands. Kentucky beats a few SEC teams, and they think they’re as good as Georgia and Florida.

Hopefully South Carolina humbles them like Ramsay Snow humbled Theon.

Troy: The Golden Company

The Golden Company was supposed to be an elite army that was supposed to help Cersei Lannister hold off Daenerys’ invasion of King’s Landing. It turns out the Golden Company was absolutely worthless, and one dragon’s breath took out the entire army.

The Troy Trojans will enter Williams-Brice Stadium as a middling Sun Belt Conference team. If South Carolina has momentum off a Kentucky win, Troy should be as useful as the Golden Company.

Tennessee: Joffrey Boratheon

Joffrey Boratheon might be one of the most hated characters in television. He’s pure evil, but he acts like a complete child while he’s the king.

Tennessee won’t be the king of the SEC any time soon, but their fans like to act like children while they lose games they shouldn’t every year.

South Carolina will have to travel to Knoxville this year, but maybe the Volunteers will choke in the fourth quarter and will continue to act like brats.

Vanderbilt: Samwell Tarly

While Samwell Tarly became a hero by the end of the series, he was still never that good at combat. Sam was one of the smartest characters in the show, so he gets the comparison to Vanderbilt.

The Commodores are the only team that is guaranteed to finish below South Carolina in the SEC East. However, they have a new coach this year. Sam did kill a white walker and a thenn, so who knows what the Commodores might pull off.

Still, Vanderbilt doesn’t have as a good of a roster as South Carolina, so this should be an easy win at home.

Texas A&M: The Night King

South Carolina has never beaten Texas A&M. It’s a cold truth, but it doesn’t mean they’re unbeatable.

Texas A&M is poised to have another top ten team this year, so they will continue to give South Carolina issues this year. Texas A&M is seen as unbeatable for South Carolina this year, but maybe a player will come out of nowhere (Kevin Harris) and beat Texas A&M for once.

We all know Arya Stark stabbing the Night King was a huge upset, so maybe South Carolina can pull off a road win.

Florida: Olenna Tyrell

The Tyrells were seen as the rivals to the Lannisters for the better part of the series. Olenna Tyrell headed the family, and she tried her best to take the Iron Throne from the Lannisters.

Their rivalry is similar to the Georgia-Florida rivalry. Both of those teams fight each year to win the division, but Georgia usually comes out on top. Florida gets close to the College Football Playoff every year, but they have never made an appearance. Georgia has one appearance, but Florida will once again fight to be the second SEC team in the playoff.

South Carolina will get them at home, and a bye week before that game should help the Gamecocks. South Carolina will also look to get revenge for the last time Florida came to Columbia when it ended in a SEC officiating disaster.

Missouri: Edmure Tully

Is there a more mediocre character in Game of Thrones than Edmure Tully? His existence revolves around him being the cousin of Catelyn Stark.

He ends up getting captured by the Lannisters and somehow makes it to the end of the show. He was told to sit down by Sansa Stark when he was offering himself as the new king.

Missouri is a perfect example of mediocrity. They had some decent years in the past decade, but they’ve had two straight .500 years.

South Carolina will have to face them on the road, but they shouldn’t be too much of a threat.

Auburn: The Vale

It’s hard to find a comparison for Auburn because they really are just a good team that never really goes anywhere. The Vale was headed by the Arryn family for a long time, but Petyr Baelish overthrew them and took control of the Vale.

The Vale never really did anything in the grand scheme of things, but they always looked up to the Starks. It’s a lot like how Auburn is good by themselves, but they’ll always be looking up to Alabama.

This will be the second straight year South Carolina plays Auburn at home, but the Tigers will have a new coach in Bryan Harsin. Bo Nix and Tank Bigsby will provide another challenge, so this one will most likely end in a loss for the Gamecocks.

Clemson: Cersei Lannister

Who else could you compare Clemson to? The Lannisters have an elite army and control over the Kingdom. Cersei is completely evil, but the citizens of Westeros seem to ignore it.

Cersei also just uses money to pay for any resources she needs. Cersei Lannister is the perfect comparison to Dabo Swinney. Dabo also likes to use money to pay for what he wants, and he has control over the state (for now).

Clemson is a program that has all the resources in the world, but they don’t always win. You could say that ESPN is a lot like Jaime Lannister too. Jaime knows Cersei is evil, but he can’t stop loving her.

Clemson will have another stacked team this year, and it wouldn’t surprise me if South Carolina entered this game with a lot of fatigue. Clemson will once again stroll through the ACC, and South Carolina will have a gauntlet before they face Clemson.

What a story it would be if Shane Beamer beat Clemson in his first year. I mean all great houses must fall right?


This will be an incredibly tough year for Beamer and his squad, but there are a lot of winnable games. If I had to compare this year’s South Carolina team to any Game of Thrones character, it would be Mance Rayder and the Wildlings.

Beamer seems to have united a broken fan base, but they aren’t quite ready to take on the rest of the country. Let’s just hope Beamer’s tenure ends much better than Mance’s reign (He burned at the stake).

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