End Of An Era: What The Closing Of Pavlov’s Really Means

By now, current and past Gamecocks have heard the news that one of the influential landmarks that has been a part of the University’s community for generations has officially closed their doors for good.


For months now, several bars in Five Points have had their doors closed and the entire campus has been uncertain on what the future of the social life of our college town will look like. 

Are we no longer a bar school?

Are rentals a thing of the past? 

What will happen to Breaker’s Trash Cans?

The theories are coming out as to why the past 2-3 years have been so detrimental for one of the biggest business districts in the city and almost if not all are directed at State Senator, Dick Harpootlian, the Ebenezer Scrooge of college social life.

The idea that has floated around is that large campaign donors have lobbied these decisions in order to increase their Columbia property value and it makes sense.

*Buy a Columbia home at discounted rate due to the college scene nearby*

*Send a couple bucks and vote for Dick who will shut down bars*

*Sell Columbia home at an increased price, then move out to Isle of Palms*

But back to Five Points. Anyone that has been to a college tour at a large state school has heard the generic phrases from overly excited tour guides.

There are so many clubs and organizations for everyone!

All of the professors are so hands-on to help you succeed!

But more than all, there’s..

It’s a large school with a small school feeling! It’s so easy to meet friends!

That’s what the school will miss out on. I don’t care how many ice-breakers you do, there was no better way to make your University 101 class closer than a Monday Night Pavs. Who needs “Two Truths and a Lie” when you have $1 vodka lemonades??

What will likely happen is that the school’s social life will disperse into house events. Without a couple of blocks being dedicated to college students, UofSC may end up feeling like a much larger school. 

Plus, Five Points is probably the only thing that connects us to past generations of Gamecocks. The Spurrier generation has different experiences than the Muschamp era. Most of the campus never experienced having a Taco Bell in Russel. But places like Pavs have served people who are now gray and wrinkled. 

Now future Gamecocks will hear words like ‘Cover 3, Moosehead, Horseshoe and Pavs’ will sound foriegn to them. 

The price controls on the other bars require an entire article dedicated to them. But the lasting effects of the city government’s control of Five Points bars will not stop at the bars. 

Grilled Teriyaki, Yesterday’s and Nicky’s pizza have closed in the past year and have joined half of Harden Street’s scenic array of plywood and ‘For Lease’ signs.

Remember watching Shark Week as a kid? There was always that one marine biologist that lectured the importance of sharks; Even though they’re scary as hell, if humans were to continue to kill off all the sharks, then the rest of the ecosystem will fall with it.

That’s what Five Points bars are. They may seem over the top and with late night noise and music. But if they go under, then the rest of this historical business district will go with it.

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