The Official Gamecocks Fan “To-Do List” For The 2021 Football Season

After nearly a nine month wait, a new season is finally upon us. However, this season will be unlike many before it.

South Carolina is welcoming in Shane Beamer for his first head coaching position ever. South Carolina will more than likely struggle with many of the teams they have scheduled this season. Consequently, fans should hold a set of standards/tasks for themselves for the season, so they do not find themselves disappointed, bewildered, and overall hurting the program.

Below is listed the 2021 Gamecock Fan To-Do List. 

1. I will not hold my expectations too high 

Although nothing is impossible, fans can pretty much assume that a National Championship bid this season is off the table and like it or not, a New Years Six bid will be quite a stretch.

This South Carolina team won only two football games last year and welcomed in an entirely new head coach who has only been on the job for nine months. A large handful of players will not be returning from last year and several recent transfers from schools such as Delaware (FCS), Ga Tech, Ga Southern, and St. Francis (FCS) will be expected to step up as playmakers.

South Carolina finished 2021 recruiting with a class ranked 79th out of 130 FBS teams, with many of the former commits decommitting following the firing of Will Muschamp. The Gamecocks will enter the season unproven at the quarterback position, wide receiver position, and secondary. 

On the contrary, Shane Beamer has given fans reason to be somewhat optimistic. Before accepting the job at South Carolina, Beamer served as tight ends and assistant head coach at Oklahoma. While coaching, Oklahoma achieved a 33-6 record and two college football playoffs appearances.

Beamer also coached tight ends and special teams at Georgia during the 2017 season where the Bulldogs won the SEC Championship and reached the National Championship Game. His resume also includes numerous coaching positions at Georgia Tech, Tennessee, Virginia Tech, Mississippi State and South Carolina where the team attained its first SEC East Title in program history.

Beamer pieced together a coaching staff in his first year consisting of notable hires such as Pete Lembo, Marcus Satterfield, and Clayton White. Through his expertise and hard work, Beamer has set an inadequate program on the right track toward improvement.

Regardless of Beamers current work and pervious success, the idea of the first-year head coach building a strong SEC contending program in one year simply is not realistic. Beamer inherited a program that was at its lowest point since the end of the Steve Spurrier era.

Even Lou Holtz faced difficulty after inheriting the program from Brad Scott as the first team under him endured a winless season. Fortunately, several games on the schedule this season appear winnable even if South Carolina does not play up to their full potential.

All in all, a six or seven win season will likely be the ceiling for this South Carolina team. Which, given the circumstances, would serve as an outstanding first season under Shane Beamer. 

2. I will attend games at Williams Brice if possible 

For many, attending a home game at William Brice this year will be the first full capacity event in what has seemed like ages.

South Carolina hosted limited capacity games last year where only 20,000 seats were filled at each game. As a result, the average ticket price increased by 208%, forcing a number of fans to watch games from their couch. Students were also filled with irritation after discovering prior to the season that they were limited to only one home game for the entire year.

Thankfully, fans no longer need to suffer through Covid adjustments. William Brice will return to full capacity and tickets for the upcoming game against Eastern Illinois are on sale for as little as $25. Therefore, games this season should be far more entertaining than last and a lot softer on our wallets.

Consequently, fans should take advantage and find a way to make it out to games this season. Win or lose, football games this season will certainly feel a little more special. 

Above all else, attending football games allows fans to make a difference in the outcome of the game. Analyst and commentators preach home-field advantage for a reason.

Although watching games at home is free and at times feels more convenient, by watching games at home, fans do not benefit the team in the slightest. 

In addition, high attendance throughout all four quarters proves to players and coaches that their fans are truly behind them. With a first-year head coach and a roster with tons of holes and question marks, the program is going to require more support than it has in years. 

3.  I will not abandon hope on the program 

As mentioned earlier, six or seven wins will more than likely be the ceiling for the program this year. That idea brings up the possibility that the team could only come out with 3 or 4 wins on the season. Or South Carolina could find itself with an early loss to ECU and a blowout loss to Georgia. Regardless, fans should not be willing to give up on this program too early. 

Instead of looking strictly at wins and losses this season, fans should look for improvement from the team on a game-to-game basis. Considerable improvement not only shows that the players are developing, it also shows that the coaches are doing their job properly and are fixing issues as the team moves through their schedule.

Several South Carolina teams under Will Muschamp indicated more of a regression throughout their seasons. Most years, by the time November rolled around, the team often appeared hopeless. If Beamer is able to reverse this process, then the program has taken a large step in the right direction. 

Fans must prepare themselves for losses throughout this season. However, a bone crushing defeat this year does not indicate a sign to turn your back on the program.

Be patient. If the team is going to become an SEC powerhouse, it’s going to take time. 

4. I will have fun and will enjoy this season 

I know this task sounds cheesy but take a large step back for a moment and ask yourself, “why am I a Carolina football fan?” You are not a Carolina fan because you enjoy watching a team that wins continuously. You certainly are not a fan because you enjoy complaining after every loss. You are not a fan because you appreciate the stress the Gamecocks inflict upon you every Saturday. You are a fan because you possess a deep love and passion for Gamecock football and will support them regardless.

Throughout South Carolina’s history, the football program overall has struggled at producing National Championship contending teams. This aspect is likely not going to remarkably change this season.

Therefore, South Carolina fans should focus on the positives that come out of this season and not indulge themselves in the negatives. Look for improvement after each game, celebrate big efforts made by players, and enjoy the good that comes out of the season.


As fans’ reading of the To-Do list concludes, it becomes apparent that the 2021 season could prove to be a difficult one. Even if Beamer exceeds expectations set for himself, the team will still more than likely end up just above bowl eligible.

As a result, fans should keep their expectations low and enjoy the season; all while supporting the team to the best of their ability. If we do our part as fans, then the program will eventually find a way to get itself back on the right track.

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  1. Richie C

    Some will say this article is a loser’s mentality. But in every aspect of the world… there’s someone better than you at what you do. We have a great group of young men. But there are better football teams. We’re going to play some of them. I’m going to cheer equally as hard but with a realistic expectation 4 of the 12 weeks. 8 times I think we’re either just ahead or just below our competition & think those are the “money” games. I’m excited to be a Gamecock again – because we have a group of coaches with something to prove and that want to be here instead of being a stepping stone to bigger & better(now a Special teams coach – HAHA). Go, Fight, Win, and kick a little booty!!!

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