Top Five Reasons Why I Hate The University of Georgia

To Hell With Georgia.

1. The Fans

No better place to start than with the maniacs who make the red and black fanbase.

Growing up on the border of South Carolina and Georgia, my childhood was filled with countless encounters with deranged Dawg fans.

I attended a church across the Savannah River in the early to mid 2000’s, during the years of David Pollack, David Green, DJ Shockley and more.

Can you even imagine waking up every Sunday to the Lord’s house KNOWING you were about to get ragged for 90 minutes before, during and after Sunday service?

UGA fans are widely known across college football as the worst fans in the sport, while some fans even swear to never make a return trip to Athens.

Simply put, Georgia holds the title of the most obnoxious fanbase in college football.

2. 2004

The 2004 UGA game. My first SC-UGA game as a diehard fan that I truly can remember.

While I had watched previous match-ups, this was the first game where I truly felt that hate for Georgia. Where I understood what this game meant.

It was also my first time as a South Carolina Gamecock experiencing true heartbreak.

For those of you who don’t remember, the Gamecocks stormed out to a 16-0 lead and looked primed for the upset in front of a sellout crowd at Williams-Brice.

Of course, the Dawgs managed to storm back and steal a 20-16 win from USC. That was the first time I ever cried as a South Carolina Gamecock fan.

True heartbreak and my hate for the University of Georgia reached new heights.

3. “Glory, Glory”

First, let’s all take in what is one of the greatest renditions to a fight song of all time:

As I write this, the glorious hymn of “To Hell With Georgia” sits on repeat.

However, until you’ve sat in your home stadium and heard Dawg fans belt out “AND TO HELL WITH USC” you don’t understand what I’m saying.

As unoriginal as fight songs come, this ole Georgia rallying cry is just another reason to hate everything the University of Georgia stands for.

To Hell With Georgia.

4. That Stupid, Spoiled Dog

How can you look at that smug little face and not hate this dog?

Listen, I LOVE dogs. Anybody who knows me can tell you that.

As for UGA? He can kick rocks. This dog lives better than most humans do, sitting his lazy butt on a bucket of ice in his air conditioned doghouse.

Words can’t describe my dislike for UGA and his stupid little bulldog face.

5. Kirby Smart

In case you were living under a rock in 2015, the Gamecocks were left searching for a new head coach after Steve Spurrier decided to retire mid way through the season.

Ray Tanner took to the open market to make a splash with the next Gamecocks head football coach.

Among the names that were thrown around, Alabama defensive coordinator Kirby Smart was high on the “get list” for USC.

Meanwhile in Athens, the Dawgs decided to part ways with longtime head coach Mark Richt, despite securing another ten win season.

The Dawgs saw South Carolina going after Smart and made the offer, practically “stealing” Kirby away from South Carolina.

Long story short, the Dawgs got Smart and the Gamecocks got Will Muschamp.

Need I say more?

11 thoughts on “Top Five Reasons Why I Hate The University of Georgia

  1. BigSlick

    One word……JEALOUS. A blind man can c it. Jst bcause ur team has sucked 4 30+ yrs u wanna throw stones.
    Ive been going 2 these games 35+yrs & hve NEVER seen a UGA fan throw something @ an opposing fan. Much less ur exaggerated items. Hven’t seen a fight in YEARS!! I can c u hve a special distaste 4the Pollack yrs? Didn’t like him taking tht ball from ur QB 4the TD hun??? LMAO, ur jealousy boils from the overflowing pot of defeats ur team has suffered. Too funny!

  2. Rich Reynolds

    Sounds like a whole lot of whining to me!!
    Not surprised though, coming from a Cocks fan. I’ve witnessed some pretty bad behavior from USC fans at games as well. At the end of the day I believe it’s just true raw passion for your team and the sport!!
    GO DAWGS!!

  3. Johnathan

    What is the most unbelievable about this article is him stating that it’s “widely known” in football that Georgia fans are the worst. I’ve NEVER heard that in my life.
    Fun fact: I HAVE heard that about the Gamecocks.
    Petty last remark: y’all suck tremendously, and your team are the Cocks. Nuff said.

  4. Michael Jameson

    From a Dawg fan this article was hilarious! Loved it… but worst fans? Nah man you forget Tennessee. Go Dawgs! And good luck Gamecocks. … after we play yall

  5. Jimmy R Kelly Sr

    South Carolina has no big program. They will always be an upset team at the most. Necer a playoff team.

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