Gamecocks Football: Three Reasons Why Fans Shouldn’t Be Hitting The Panic Button After Saturday’s Loss

Chances are, if you woke up seeing red after the result of Saturday’s loss in Athens, your expectations for the season were far too high to begin with.

Before the season began, I wrote a checklist for South Carolina fans for the 2021 season. The very first task on the list read, “I will not hold my expectations too high.”

So many fans so far have failed to honor this assignment to the point that the topic is now worth being brought up again. On several occasions, we’ve reminded Gamecock fans to keep their expectations for the season low for a number of reasons.

Here are three why Gamecock fans should keep a level head after Saturday’s game. 

Georgia Is Elite 

Before the beginning of the season, Georgia found themselves ranked #5 in the country. Many believed Georgia would lose their first game of the season to Clemson but would bounce back and win the SEC East.

So far Georgia, Georgia has surpassed those expectations. Some even believe they have what it takes to win a national championship. Georgia held Clemson to only 3 points and single handedly put Clemson quarterback DJ Uiagalelei, a Heisman hopeful out of Heisman contention.

Georgia also steamrolled a respectable UAB team by 49 points with a backup quarterback starting. Georgia has certainly earned their #2 ranking and the team has no intentions of slowing down.

With South Carolina’s current state many expected the Bulldogs to win by more than 27 points. However, South Carolina put up some fight and made the score line a little more respectable than most believed. 

This Is A Rebuilding Season For South Carolina 

If 2021 is not considered a rebuilding season for the Gamecocks, then please describe to me what a rebuilding season is.

South Carolina managed only two wins in last year’s 10 game season. The year before, the Gamecocks only put up four wins in a full season. Will Muschamp was fired, a headful of players left with him, and many recruits decommitted.

We are basically looking at a team with less talent than last year and an entirely new coaching staff. Any coach in the country would have difficulty pulling this program out of the dumpster fire it was in after the departure of Will Muschamp.

Although Shane Beamer has remained rather optimistic about the role, that does not indicate that Shane Beamer is not having complications as head coach.

The Team Was Outmatched And Outplayed But Fought Until The End. 

South Carolina found themselves down 26-6. The Gamecocks gave up a safety and allowed Georgia to march down the field and kick a field goal all within 30 seconds remaining in the first half.

Frustrating moments such as these cause teams to crumble. By that moment I assumed Georgia would score touchdown after touchdown and go up by 60 points.

South Carolina’s defense only allowed two more touchdowns in the contest with both scores occurring after South Carolina turnovers. The Gamecock defense also forced three turnovers in the contest, South Carolina also scored a late offensive touchdown against the Bulldogs, making them the first team to score a touchdown against the Bulldog defense.

Luke Doty proved to be a major strength in the backfield along with Josh Vann stepping up at the wide receiver position. Obviously, nobody prefers to lose a game by 27 points.

However, with the difference in skill level between teams, I believe the final score line in this game shows fight and a bright future for South Carolina. 


Georgia is a tough opponent to say the least. Their chances of winning their first national championship in years grows closer and closer with each passing Saturday.

Georgia has built up a program over the last few years to where they are now consistently in talks for a national title. South Carolina on the other hand has just begun their journey in building up their program.

This journey will not occur over night, but over the next few years South Carolina could vary well find itself in a similar spot a Georgia is. As for right now, South Carolina should focus on weekly improvement on a game-to-game basis.

For instance, an improvement in offensive line play and less penalty yards per game over the next couple of weeks would be huge for the program. The team currently should not be upset with its 27-point loss to Georgia.

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