Gamecocks Women’s Basketball: Teamwork Makes The Dream Work For The Top Team In The Land

Hard work pays off for the South Carolina women’s basketball team with their win over Vanderbilt. Not only could you notice their persistence and determination, but the teamwork they demonstrated throughout the game, ensured their victory.

Whether the players are on the court or cheering from the sideline, anyone in the crowd can feel the undeniable energy coming from each player. Their feeling of excitement, passion, and encouragement is contagious to watch.

Gamecock nation needs to recognize Lele Grissett and Saniya Rivers. They each proved themselves to their teammates, Coach Dawn Staley and their fans as well.

When it comes to Carolina women’s basketball, the enthusiasm the players receive isn’t just from their own teammates, it’s from the entire arena.

Grissett had the crowd in the palm of her hands after filling in for Zia Cooke. She took control of the court and ended up being the leading scorer with 14 points.

Freshman starter Saniya Rivers and Laeticia Amihere showed up for their team in a big way, each going 100% from the field.

During the game, you can observe the players’ unheard communication with each other. The teamwork these women display and how seamlessly each play is executed, proves how confident they are in one another.

The depth of the Carolina bench was put on display by the number of players substituted throughout the game. It was effortlessly shown how talented each player is because of the team’s strong appearance, from the first quarter to the last.

Even with 30 seconds left, Carolina was still playing just as hard as they did in the first five minutes.

Tune in to watch the camaraderie continue in Thursday’s game against Ole Miss.

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