Why Gamecocks Signee Lovasea Carroll’s Game Has Shades Of The Great Deebo Samuel

Deebo Samuel is arguably the most explosive player in the entire NFL, whether that be on handoffs from Jimmy G or in the passing game.

What if I told you that South Carolina just landed a guy who is just as versatile?

Originally, Lovasea Carroll was expected to be Gamecock but ended up at the University of Georgia, where he won a National Championship.

The team was loaded up everywhere but decided Lovasea was best suited at defensive back where he had little playtime. This is due to a deep depth of talent in the secondary.

They missed a huge opportunity because I would argue that Lovasea has some of the highest potential out of the all the running backs from that class.

Lovasea was the 7th highest rated running back out of IMG and for good reason. Throw on some of his high school tape and just remind yourself he is playing against some of the best high schools in the country.

Out of IMG Academy, Lovasea averaged an absurd 10.3 yards per carry for his career. As a sophomore in high school, he played 10 games, carried the ball 143 times and racked up 1,446 yards on the ground along with 23 total touchdowns.

So why am I comparing him to the All-Pro Deebo Samuel? Well, putting that into words is difficult because his tape shows it more clearly.

He fights for every inch and leaves nothing up to the defender. Furthermore, he can do anything and everything for his team. Running the ball, catching the ball, and even locking up the opponent’s star receiver.

Moreover, Brian Dohn (National Recruiting Analyst for 247 Sports) had this to say about Lovasea: “Big frame with thickness and ability to play at 210 pounds. Very good vision and patient in traffic. Elusive behind line of scrimmage. Quick footed and changes direction well. Has burst. Tough to arm tackle and good in space. Rarely goes down on first contact. Excellent body control. Has speed to finish runs. Excels running between tackles. Accelerates well through line of scrimmage. Very little wasted movement. Has nice hop step. Solid pass catcher.”

Okay, so forget everything you read for a second and re-read the player description. You done? Who does that sound like?

Yeah sure, players aren’t simply their player bio that some analyst labels them. However, Lovasea was a true Freshman last year, so he still has four years of eligibility. During these years I truly expect him to be a dynamic playmaker for the Gamecocks in both the pass game and in the rush game.

South Carolina is not getting a RB transfer like all other media outlets are labeling him as. South Carolina is getting a grown man who can run, catch, and even hit stick WRs.

I am not saying Lovasea is going to be a future All-Pro in the NFL, but the talent and potential is there. I could blab on and on, but I think his HUDL highlights will make it make sense.












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