Most Toxic SEC Social Media Fanbases From The 2021 Football Season

The following rankings is based on the general toxicity that appears on my Twitter timeline along with my Instagram feed.

These fanbases not only give their two cents on every single Gamecock football post but go out of their way to make sure everyone knows that their team is ‘superior’.

So, here is my rankings for ‘Most Toxic SEC Social Media Fanbases from the 2021-22 Football Season’:

5. Missouri

The Missouri Tigers have beaten South Carolina 3 times in a row and their fans think they are superior and have a brighter future.

Their coach is a goofball, and their fans hardly show up to any games. For a stadium that only holds 62,000, there is still a lot of empty seats.

Truth be told, this 5th spot is not a knock on their social media fans because they’re not nearly as bad as the following four teams.

4. Clemson (Not SEC but had to be included)

This is an obvious one. Clemson fans in person are honestly not that bad, but on Twitter, they are some of the worst in the country.

Every single time SC gets a recruit or 247 shows us some respect, the comments are flooded with “30-0”. The reason Clemson is not ranked number one is because their fanbase is built on bandwagons from the upstate who started cheering for them when Deshaun Watson won a National Championship.

They do not deserve the recognition. Also, they worship Dabo in a strange way on social media.

3. Kentucky

Just based on Kentucky’s twitter feed, you would think they won 12 games in the regular season and ended up in the CFB Playoffs.

They are a mediocre team whose fanbase will be back in shambles next season. I do not have any disdain for Kentucky Football, and I hope them the best, but Kentucky fans were acting crazy this past season.

I compare their Twitter actions to the number two ranked team on this list, but without any hardware to show for their twitter actions.

2. Georgia

Congrats to Georgia on winning the National Championship. To be honest Georgia fans have not been that toxic since winning the Natty against Alabama.

The reason I got them at #2 is because their anxiety on Twitter, Reddit, and Instagram really showed how toxic they can be. It was not a rare site to see them cheering for injuries and wanting their head coach fired.

They were not too bad towards the Gamecock fans this season, but still, Georgia’s fanbase on Twitter is still ranked two on my list.

1. Tennessee

Tennessee has got to have the worst fans on all of social media. Like Clemson honestly, EVERY SINGLE POST about South Carolina football is just drenched with Tennessee comments.

Tennessee needs to have a rain check because they went 7-6 with a good quarterback while SC went 7-6 with little QB play.

Tennessee fans act like Clemson fans on social media, but Tennessee has not been relevant since Peyton Manning.

Bonus: Florida

They sucked so bad that they do not deserve to be on this list.


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