Way Too Early Depth Chart Projections For The Gamecocks Quarterback Room This Fall

If I asked you, “What was the biggest flaw on the South Carolina team last season?”, how would you answer? Odds are you will say the offensive line.

Fair enough, and I would likely agree with you, but the truth is the quarterback play was also a reason why this offense never got rolling. We saw flashes of good ball movement, but the momentum could never carry over week to week.

I need to be clear that I respect both Zeb and Brown for stepping up when they really should not have been asked to.

This article aims to predict a “Way Too Early” look into the diverse and interesting quarterback room for this upcoming season. A more in-depth breakdown on this position group will occur later.

South Carolina finished second to last only in front of Vanderbilt for offensive production. The passing game averaged 201.2 yards per game and the PPG was even worse with an abysmal 22.6.

For reference, Tennessee who also finished 7-6, averaged nearly 40. Credit to the defense and Clayton White for having an amazing year.

However, just like everything in life, things did and will continue to get better. In the off-season for SC football, Beamer along with Satterfield managed to land arguably the hottest name in the portal, Spencer Rattler.

We got our quarterback. The day Rattler committed to USC he already won QB1. He will be the starter for SC next year, no matter what, barring injury.

 BUT how will this depth chart look at this position?

This is where it gets weird. Zeb and Brown are gone, but Doty is still here, and we also have two stud QB recruits coming to campus for the fall. The day Rattler committed I expected Doty to hit the portal, which he did not.

This means Doty will be the backup for Spencer next year. I remember when we thought Colton Gauthier was going to step up, but it seems he is not fit for this conference, so he is out. I expect him to hit the portal this upcoming season.

So, who’s left? Rattler is QB1, Doty is QB2 and now we have two electric high school recruits fighting for that spot at QB3. Take it for what you want, but Tanner Bailey will win that spot.

After looking at both of these upcoming freshmen, there is a clear differentiation between these two quarterbacks. Bailey averaged 235 ypg with a 70% completion rate while Braden Davis averaged 87 ypg and 44 % completion rate.

To be fair, Braden Davis has all the arm talent in the world, just was expected to make plays with his feet in high school. I expected these quarterbacks to fight for QB1 after this year, along with Luke Doty.

Projected QB Depth Chart For 2022

  1. Spencer Rattler
  2. Luke Doty
  3. Tanner Bailey
  4. Braden Davis

After a year of having a GA start, an injured QB start, and an FCS transfer start, and an WR start, things are looking up for the Gamecocks headed into the 2022 season.

There is an abundance of talent now at this position and I will be intrigued to hear the week one depth chart.

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