Why Gamecocks Coach Dawn Staley Is The Best Women’s Basketball Coach In The Entire Country

I believe Dawn Staley is the best women’s basketball coach in the nation, not just because she’s a winner but because she is the greatest role model to young women across the nation. 

Staley started at the University of Virginia and later on went to play for Team USA in the Olympics. She led team USA to three gold medals and was nominated by her peers to carry the American flag in 2004. 

Her accomplishments haven’t gone unseen because she is now the highest paid women’s basketball coach in the country. In addition, she is the first black head coach for the women’s Olympic team and is one of the only two black head coaches at South Carolina. 

Watching her games from Virginia and Team USA, you can see her leadership skills start to evolve with her teammates. I noticed how straightforward and quick she was when calling plays when she was a player and how that transferred over to her coaching style.

It can be perceived that being a good coach is only recognized by if the team wins or not. Although Staley does produce successful outcomes, she is a good coach because she makes a difference in people’s lives. 

In President Pastides’ segment ‘Mini Conversations” A’ja Wilson stated, “She keeps our spirits high and hopes high and says we are going to win the game but we just need to get back into our system”.  

Her confident coaching style I believe is what starts the bond between her and her players. You’re allowed to be confident with a track record like Staley’s and that’s why women want to play for her. 

She is an outspoken, witty, protective, and an intelligent woman who stands up for what she believes in. She uses her platform to promote equality for women, especially black women, her team, and her incredible fashion sense. 

Having a coach that is undeniably herself and brings comfort to the players, is shown with how well they work together and support each other. 

Coach Staley is the best coach because she exudes confidence and drive. She has the No.1 recruiting in the country for that reason exactly. 

Being a student here at the University of South Carolina, you become emotionally involved in the success of the Gamecock Women’s Basketball team. Each game I attend, I become more and more obsessed with Coach Staley. 

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