Why Fans Need To Continue To Show Up And Support Gamecocks Men’s Basketball In Their Final Three Home Games

South Carolina has struggled to say the least in terms of putting fans into seats this season.

Although there are exceptions, most home games feel similar to ones from the Darrin Horn era. A huge step backward!

According to Gamecockonline.com, South Carolina packs out just over half of Colonia Life on Average. If you’ve attended several basketball games this season, you’ll find that statistic to be a stretch.

With tournament hopes virtually out of reach, should Carolina fans ignore the final three home games of the season and stay home? 

Absolutely not.

If anything, it will only hinder Carolina’s results from here on. Regardless of our coaching situation next season, do you believe recruits are going to commit to a program that has trouble filling half of its arena on weekends?

They’ll simply go elsewhere. 

What Gamecock fans could do this next month is show up to games and attempt to pack Colonial Life. Regardless of the outcome, this aspect could show recruits that South Carolina is a struggling program with passionate fans that stand behind their team. 

High attendance could also boost morale for the remainder of the season. With the exception of the second half of the Tennessee game, South Carolina has played better when fans are there to support them. They have put up fights against stronger opponents and have dominated weaker ones.

Obviously, it is frustrating when players run out of the tunnel to a bunch of empty seats. This situation could even be contributed to a portion of the disappointing season Carolina has had thus far. 

Finally, an athletic department is far more willing to clean up a program of passionate fans before a program of apathetic ones.

The past two seasons, South Carolina basketball fans have basically proven that they are for the most part unwilling to support the team unless they are winning. An athletic department virtually has to hit the nail on the head in order to bring in these wins if a coaching change is in order.

In other words, hiring a new coach does not just bring in wins there is simply far more to it. An athletic department is far more willing to spend the money and take this risk for fans that are willing to stand behind their team.

As far as an athletic department is concerned for fair-weather fanbase, “the coach will just have to find a way to work things out.” 

So, let’s prove that we aren’t an unreliable fan base. Let’s make Colonial Life Arena a place opponents hate to play in.

Buy tickets for the remainder of our season for our current team and for the future of our program. 

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