Why The Best Gamecocks Quarterback From The 2022 Signing Class Isn’t Who You Would Expect

The Gamecocks landed two really good QB prospects in the 2022 recruiting class, on top of transfer QB Spencer Rattler. Those two gunslingers are four star Tanner Bailey and three star Braden Davis.

Now from only that information, you would say “Oh so Bailey is next up”. However, I wouldn’t be so sure.

I actually believe Braden Davis could turn out to be the Gamecocks best quarterback from the 2022 signing class.

Now before I get into it, this is NOT me tearing down Tanner Bailey. Bailey will likely be a good college QB, but I believe Braden Davis is being overlooked, by both media and fans.

A prime example is that after a 15-25, 200-yard passing game, with a 14-yard rushing TD, in a state championship win, 247 sports took away Davis 4th star.

That makes total sense right?

I digress, Braden Davis is viewed as a “guy whose arm needs some development but can run”. I truly don’t see this after watching his film, he has the arm and his accuracy has drastically improved over the past year.

His ability to run is real, something he uses well that is not in Tanner Bailey’s arsenal.

Diving deeper into Davis’ play, he has great footwork. His arms and legs are almost always in communication with each other. He has a great football IQ when going through his progressions.

His arm isn’t “superstar caliber” pre-say, but with added strength that will develop. The only issue I saw was he does drop his elbow sometimes, which could be an issue moving forward.

Continuing, Braden Davis is already in Columbia as an early enrollee, so he is getting ready with the team and will have more time to put on some muscle and learn Satterfield’s offense.

I am super excited to watch Davis in the Garnet and Black game in April, It could be a huge chance for him to show off his skills to the Gamecock fans in attendance.

Before I close, I just want to list off some of the schools that gave offers to Braden Davis: Alabama, Clemson, Georgia, Auburn, Cincinnati, and LSU.

However, he chose South Carolina. And he very well may be the future at the quarterback position in Columbia, SC.

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