Which Five Gamecocks Football Players Will Sell The Most Jerseys This Fall?

Last week, Gamecock Central and others reported that South Carolina players will now be eligible to profit from their own jersey sales. It is not like the NFL where every single player has a jersey that can be purchased via Fanatics or team stores. South Carolina athletes must ‘opt in’ into the program which will be through the Gamecock’s online website.

In this new NIL era of football, I am not surprised to see the coming of player jerseys. It is about time that our players can profit off their own name and can see their fans support them by wearing their jersey

I am hopeful that all our student-athletes will decide to opt-in for their monetary benefit and for fans to purchase their favorite player’s jersey. Due to the jerseys being on an affiliated website I expect a 2/3 agreement, where athletes will get sixty-six percent of the jersey sales. This 2/3 agreement is also the current NFLPA deal for players.

Here are five players who I expect to sell an insane number of jerseys throughout the 2022 season.

5. Cam Smith

While being on the defensive side of the ball, Cam Smith is the best returning player for the South Carolina Gamecocks. He will be a top corner in the SEC next year, so I expect him to make a huge stack of cash in jersey sales.

4. Jaheim Bell

Bell has the highest potential of all the returning weapons for new QB, Spencer Rattler. We saw the big plays at times last year, but I hope to see more in 2022.

Regarding jerseys, Bell has a big following of fans who will throw a lot of cash to support their Gamecock TE/WR.

3. Austin Stogner

Stogner is already a popular player for the South Carolina Gamecocks which will bring in jersey sales immediately.

If Stogner can prove to be the weapon we expect, he will sell an absurd amount during the 2022 season.

2. Antwane Well Jr.

Probably the best wide receiver on our roster, Antwane Wells Jr will sell a lot of jerseys during the season.

I believe his initial sales will not be as high as Jaheim Bell because has yet to prove he can compete at the FBS/SEC level. Once he does prove he belongs, the sales will go through the roof.

1. Spencer Rattler

Rattler will sell more jerseys than every player on our roster combined. He will be the jersey everyone will be fighting to get.

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