Gamecocks Football 2022 Newcomers Review: Austin Stogner

It feels like Austin Stonger’s commitment to South Carolina was overshadowed by the other Sooner who committed the same night as him. However, Stonger is a monster and is the primary reason Rattler came to Columbia.

Now we have all heard the story “Rattler had never even been to Columbia before committing to play for Shane Beamer”. Yeah, that’s because Stonger gave a glowing review.

Stonger did infact take a visit to South Carolina. He also had a lot to say about Shane Beamer


Stonger has been overlooked when talking about the transfer class coming to Columbia. His bag of tricks is deep and he was one of the best if not THE best tight end in the Big 12 the last two years.

He causes mismatches all over the field. He is too fast for linebackers and too big for a safety. Stonger is a great route runner and has a great connection with Spencer Rattler something that could be big in the early part of next season.

The only problem in Stonger’s game is the occasional drop. It has definitely improved from 2020 to 2021.

Normally when he has his back turned to a defender on curl routes or comebacks, he senses the defender and tries to move before he has the ball secured. It isn’t every time, but it could become a problem in short-yardage passing situations.

Role in 2022

I expect Stonger to be a huge part of the Gamecock offense. His connection with Rattler is going to be incredibly valuable early in the season and could help the Gamecocks upset the Georgia Bulldogs who might have a bit of title hangover come week three in Columbia.

While he has been overshadowed thus far with the crazy transfer class that Shane Beamer brought in, he will be a huge part of the Gamecocks offense.

Stonger could be the key to unlocking Spencer Rattler and turning him back into a Heisman candidate.

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