Why Gamecocks Football Needs Wide Receivers Coach Justin Stepp To Be The “MVP” Of The Coaching Staff

The Gamecocks look locked and loaded heading into spring ball, but there is a lot of work to do on the Class of 2023.

There is one coach who has tons of talent in his room and is looking for more. That coach is none other than Justin Stepp.

Here are three reasons Stepp has to be the MVP of the Gamecocks coaching staff this year:

Capitlize on what you have

Stepp’s wideout’s HAVE to capitalize on Spencer Rattler. Basically, if you miss on Rattler, then you will have a much harder time landing other top quarterbacks.

For example, Dylan Lonergan, who is the #9 rated quarterback.

Think about it like this: if your buddy lets you drive his car and you total it, he probably won’t let you drive his car ever again. Get Rattler drafted high and more good gunslingers will come to Columbia.

Part of that, getting the very good wide receiver room on the same page as Rattler.



Basically, there is a new way of recruiting in college football. Fewer teams are focusing on high schoolers and focusing more on the transfer portal, go out and land huge names from the class of 2023.

Stepp has a chance to land some huge guys including Noah Rogers, Christian Hamilton, and Devin Hyatt who is from Columbia.

Transfrer Portal Moves

Stepp’s role in this is extremely important, he has to keep his young guys out of the portal. It is the way of College Football now, entering the portal if you don’t play freshman year.

He has got to find a way to keep guys he lands in-house.

Stepp is going to help change the trajectory if he can manage these things. I trust in Stepp and I think this year could be the year of the Wide Receiver in South Carolina.

He has all the tools, now he just has to capitalize.

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