Which NFL Franchise Best Resembles Every Team In The SEC?

This list compiles all the SEC teams and labels each by what NFL team resembles them.

  1. Alabama
    1. Patriots:
      1. Dominate success in both leagues. While the Patriots dynasty seems to be in decline after the loss of Tom Brady, no one can argue the success they have had in the past two decades
  2. Georgia
    1. Chiefs:
      1. Upcoming possible dynasty. Both have that championship, but can their continued success lead to more than one championship in the next 5-10 years? Who knows?
  3. Ole Miss
    1. Chargers
      1. Flashy, good weapons, great QB play, mediocre defense, and a great but equally unique head coach. I really like this comparison due to both teams being extremely talented just have not made that final stride to being great.
  4. LSU
    1. Ravens
      1. Have all the talent in the world just cannot get it going. Both teams are always covered more than others, expected to better than others, but in the 2 years, LSU seemingly has fallen off the wagon. Both teams I believe will have solid 2022 years and will continue to improve.
  5. Auburn
    1. Seahawks
      1. Once was elite but now are both laughingstocks in their conference and division. The Auburn Tigers the second word team in the west, while the Seahawks are the worst team in the NFC West.
  6. Florida
    1. Dallas Cowboys
      1. A team who is always a threat to do something great but have been disappointing in recent years. Florida has been better in the last decade than the Cowboys, but at this moment in time, I find them similar. I believe things will be getting much worse for both teams.
  7. Tennessee
    1. 49ers
      1. A very successful history with unrealistic expectations every year. (Guilty of this myself). Both teams have the talent, coaching, great prospect at QB but seem to always fall short of their goal. The Niners and Vols are two very good teams who in the end will fall short of fan expectations.
  8. Texas A&M
    1. Steelers
      1. Pretty good historically, crazy fanbases, elite coaching, cool cities, and two teams who should be on the up in the next few years. The Steelers were a playoff team with a 87 year old man at the QB position. I like the futures for both teams.
  9. Kentucky
    1. Dolphins
      1. Have always been the bad team in the conference but are making splashes to try and carve out a new future for their respected clubs. Doing all the right thing on their roster and are excited about their future.
  10. Mississippi State
    1. Bears
      1. A respectable team with glaring flaws. Both teams seem to disappoint year in and year out.
  11. South Carolina
    1. Panthers
      1. Every now and then we will get lucky and pull off an 8 win or maybe a 10-win season. However, both teams are historically terrible but somehow always have good to great NFL players. The Cocks have put out guys like Deebo, Clowney, Gilmore, and Alshon and the Panthers have had franchise guys like Kuechly, Steve Smith, Moore, and Newton.
  12. Vanderbilt
    1. Lions
      1. Will always be bad, and nothing will ever change.
  13. Mizzou
    1. Texans
      1. Have had their moments throughout the last decade, but neither team seems to be anything special and have one of the smallest media coverages in their respected conference.
  14. Arkansas
    1. Titans
      1. Both teams are elite and are still getting better. I am excited to see how both teams do this upcoming year. Both clubs were once bottom of the barrel in their division, but now are pushing their way to the top.

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