Four Key Takeaways From South Carolina’s 2022 Garnet & Black Spring Game

Saturday night we finally got to watch Spencer Rattler take the field under center. While the game itself was not all that exciting, I did come away with some key takeaways which I will share with you now.

Terrell Dawkins is a legit weapon for Clayton White’s defense.

Early during the ‘offseason’ of college football I had this to say about Dawkins, “Okay, listen. Terrell Dawkins is arguably the best pickup by Beamer throughout this portal process other than Spencer Rattler.”

I would argue that Dawkins was the MVP of the Spring Game and he should be considered our best defensive lineman moving forward.

I am not trying to get carried away BUT he has proven to be elite at NC State and that could have quite possibly carried over.

Our RB room is ELITE

From start to finish, our ball carries played terrific all game. Beal – Smith, Lovasea, Lloyd, Juju, and Amos all played extremely well.

If our offensive line can block just a little bit, these guys will be explosive during the 2022 season.

Quarterbacks were ‘okay’

Not really the fault of our QBs, but the play calling did not allow fans to truly see the skill of Rattler, Doty, and Braden Davis. A lot of check downs and screens, but on the few deep passes – they looked pretty good.

Gauthier did not perform well. I was also very pleased with how Spencer lead the team with his communication on the field and on the sideline.

Antwane Wells Jr is WR1

I get that Vann was not on Rattler’s team but to me that means Wells Jr is Rattler’s number 1 guy.

In prior interviews, Rattler claimed his built the best relationship with Antwane, and I think that was evident on Saturday.


I thought the game went well. A lot of conservative play calling which is expected and I would have liked to see a little more but I understand not opening up the playbook during the Spring.

I am extremely excited to see what this team can do this year.

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