Which Losing Streak Is South Carolina Football Most Likely To Snap This Season?

Unfortunately, over the past couple seasons, South Carolina has developed several losing streaks to a number of programs. Although we would love to see them all broken next season, Carolina is far less capable of breaking some more than others.

Listed below are Carolina’s losing streaks ranked in order of the likelihood of Carolina breaking them this season. I have counted a losing streak as three straight losses, so no Kentucky and no Georgia.   

#4 Texas A&M 

Although South Carolina and A&M have had several close matchups over the years, lately, the Aggies have absolutely dominated the Gamecocks. Over the past three seasons, Texas A&M has beaten the Gamecocks by a combined score of 122-23.

South Carolina does appear to be a much stronger team this season compared to last; however, so does A&M. Even though Carolina will get to play the Aggies at home, A&M has certainly proved that they have no trouble winning at Williams Brice. It definitely isn’t impossible, but beating the Aggies will prove a difficult task for the Gamecocks this season to say the least.

A&M is just one team South Carolina can’t seem to beat, and unfortunately, I don’t see that changing this season. 

#3 Clemson 

As of right now, Clemson is a lot stronger of a team than South Carolina.

Obviously a lot can change in 3 months. Clemson was a projected playoff team in the preseason last year, and they didn’t even make the ACC Championship. On the other hand Clemson has definitely had a psychological advantage over the Gamecocks the past couple of years.

Even when South Carolina is playing decently (in games prior), they always seem to get the doors blown off of them by the Tigers. Over Carolina’s past 7 losses against the Tigers, only once have they lost by less than 17 points. Carolina will be traveling up to Clemson this year as well.

As I said earlier, a lot can change in 3 months. I believe Carolina is getting closer to snapping the streak, but, as of right now I don’t see it happening this year.

#2 Tennessee 

I understand that the media has been head over heels for Tennessee for a while now. I’m just not sold on them.

I have yet to be impressed with a Josh Heupel defense, even when he coached at UCF. Under Heupel, I believe Tennessee has a great offense, and I believe they win most of their games by scoring on as many drives as possible. Not by relying on their defense to make stops.

Therefore, the Vols tend to struggle when playing against good offenses. To name a few: Ole Miss, Pitt, and even Florida had their way with the Tennessee defense. I believe South Carolina will be a force to be reckoned with on offense this season.

With that being said, look for South Carolina to stay competitive with Tennessee throughout the contest. I would argue that they have a good shot at winning this one. 

#1 Missouri 

Believe it or not, South Carolina has lost their previous three matchups against Mizzou. Personally, I believe they should have defeated the Tigers in Missouri last season, but Carolina put up a piss poor performance to say the least.

This season, Carolina looks far more developed as a program, and are hoping to be in a position to steamroll Missouri. Do not count Missouri out though, as they have added several weapons during the offseason.

However, I don’t believe it will be enough to beat the Gamecocks this season. Especially in Williams Brice. I’d confidently look for Carolina to snap the streak this season.


All in all I’d look for the Gamecocks to snap two of their four losing streaks this season. I’d like to see them take down Clemson or A&M but right now, I have them beating Tennessee and Missouri.

As always, Go Cocks.

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