Shane Beamer vs. Mark Stoops: Tensions Between South Carolina And Kentucky Will Be Higher Than Ever This Football Season

Let’s get one thing straight. South Carolina fans despise losing to Kentucky, and nobody understands that better than Kentucky fans.

Lately, Kentucky has put on a big brother mentality as they have begun to look down on South Carolina as a weaker SEC foe. Kentucky fans enjoy pissing off Carolina fans on social media and in person, but for the most part the hatred has stayed between the fans. 

Sure, there have been a few on-the-field issues between players over the years (South Carolina players refusing to shake hands with Kentucky players in 2017 and the nerves that occurred afterwards). However, coaches and players have stayed rather reserved.

That was until recently. 

On last Tuesday morning, while being interviewed by SEC Network, Mark Stoops stated, “It’s easy to change a climate. You just change a uniform, talk a little game, dance around, put on some stupid sunglasses. You can change, but to change a culture is at the core.”

Former tight end Nick Muse clapped back on instagram Thursday night stating, “The worst team I have personally lost to while i was at USC [Kentucky]! Have no clue how it happened multiple times.”

Shane Beamer then had this to say at the Gamecock Central Kickoff Event held last night at Steel Hands Brewing in Columbia, SC:

One thing is for certain, tempers will certainly be flaring at Kroger field this October. Regardless of records, I expect this to be the most hostile matchup between both schools that we have seen in a long time. 

As for Mark Stoops, I just don’t see where the arrogance comes from. Sure, you took a dumpster fire program, and impressively turned it into a competitive one. But does that mean you have earned the right to belittle other coaches trying to do the same thing?

I mean, your best record in 9 years is 10-3. Get a grip… You aren’t winning the East every season. Also, you talk of how, “chang[ing] a culture is at the core,” well it sure took you a while to find the core Mark. Since Stoops’s hiring, it took Kentucky 6 years to win a bowl game and 4 years to make one.

Beamer accomplished both at South Carolina in one season. I know one might argue that Stoops inherited a dumpster fire, but couldn’t you say the same of Beamer. Perhaps Stoops may want to think of getting himself a pair of “stupid” sunglasses. 

As for the climate, the team appears more involved and shows genuinely more of a passion than they have in years, fans are more connected than they have been since the spurrier era, and the team looks much improved from last season. I would certainly call that one hell of a change in climate!

Where will Beamer be in 9 years? Only time will tell, but I definitely believe he can surpass 10 wins. 

To Mark Stoops, I always had a great amount of respect for you and what you’ve done at Kentucky. But now, all I can do is give you one big middle finger. You old pretentious bastard!

I hope Beamer and Carolina football send your ass home crying this year more than anything. Go Cocks!

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