Could New Light Stadium Fixtures Actually Take Away From The Night Game Experience At Williams-Brice Stadium?

Carolina’s addition of the new stadium lights have excited many fans ahead of the 2022 season. The idea of garnet and flashing neon lights have been anticipated for weeks now, as fans will experience it week one against Georgia State.

However, is there a possibility that the new stadium lights could take away from the Gameday atmosphere at Williams Brice Stadium? 

Hear me out! I know I sound absolutely crazy. How Could I not be ecstatic for this new addition to the atmosphere at Williams Brice? Teams like Georgia have it at Stanford stadium, and it looks amazing. 

That’s exactly it. Teams like Georgia, who don’t have great gameday traditions, have flashing lights that make the mediocre experience more exciting.

Answer this for me. Does Georgia have any traditions like 2001 or sandstorm? No. They enter like any other team, they score, their fans bark like 1st graders, and then they go home. Before their light fixture, I would call a Georgia night game similar to any other SEC night game.

Overall, nothing special. Therefore, the light fixture would make sense for the University of Georgia and their lack of gameday traditions. 

As for South Carolina, where is the need for an addition like this? Why copy Georgia when we don’t have to. Williams Brice Stadium has traditions that are unmatched.

I know I’m biased, but I would say Carolina’s night game environment is one of the top environments in the country as it is. Flashing stadium lights look as if they would only hinder the current traditions like sandstorm and 2001 if anything. 

Once again, hear me out. “If it’s already great this will just make it better.” From when I was a young child until now, I have always watched in amazement at the waving white towels and fans jumping to sandstorm. I loved watching fans erupt as the players ran out of the tunnel in between the Carolina band, with cocky off to the side.

If you threw in flashing and dark red lights, it would only make it harder to see. Is that what we want? Flashing LED lights that make it more difficult to see sandstorm and 2001? That would ruin two of college football’s top traditions. 

Obviously, none of us fans know what it will look like until September 3rd. Maybe I’ll be wrong, the lights could be spectacular, where sandstorm and 2001 will be visible and they’ll add to everything in between.

I sincerely hope that’s the case. I would definitely eat my words if so. But as of now, my expectations are rather low. As always, Go Cocks.

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