Looking Back At The Gamecocks Less Than Stellar History Against The Hawgs In Fayetteville

Although Carolina annihilated the Razorbacks during their last meeting in Fayetteville in 2013, they really haven’t done much prior to that. South Carolina’s all time away record against the Razorbacks sits at 8-3. Aside from a few substandard performances, Arkansas has really dominated South Carolina at home. Let’s take a look back. 

LOSS 1993 17-18 

South Carolina allows the Razorbacks to spark a 4th quarter comeback to beat the Gamecocks by 1. Coming into the game, South Carolina was ranked 19th while Arkansas was unranked. Carolina was favored. 

LOSS 1995 21-51 

Carolina is demolished by an Arkansas team that suffered a loss to SMU (SMU’s only win of the season) the week prior. This game would serve as a major bounceback game for their Razorbacks.

WIN 1997 39-13 

The Gamecocks take care of a weak Arkansas team in Little Rock to earn their first win in Arkansas. The Razorbacks finished the season with only 4 wins and fired Danny Ford as the season concluded. 

LOSS 1999 14-48 

One of the worst South Carolina football teams in history is beaten down by a pretty decent Arkansas team. Not very surprising, as South Carolina entered the game 0-6. 

LOSS 2001 7-10 

A very strong number 9 ranked Carolina team is defeated by an unranked Arkansas team. Carolina only suffered two other losses on the season. Both to top 10 opponents, Tennessee and Florida. For some reason, they just couldn’t find a way to beat a weaker Arkansas opponent in Little Rock. 

LOSS 2003 6-28 

Carolina is kept out of the endzone the entire contest, as they are crushed by the Razorbacks. Prior to the game, neither team looked amazing. However, Arkansas definitely proved they were the stronger team. 

WIN 2005 14-10

A rare win for South Carolina in Arkansas. The Gamecocks went on to beat a bad Arkansas team by 4 points. Arkansas would only win 4 games on the season. All against unranked teams. 

LOSS 2007 36-48 

South Carolina loses a shootout to Darren Mcfadden and the Razorbacks. Mcfadden rushes for 321 yards. Arkansas rushed for a total of 542 yards in the contest. Although South Carolina attempted to hold on, the Razorbacks put them away in the 4th quarter. 

LOSS 2009 16-33 

A very even matchup between both programs. Both teams play neck and neck until around the middle of the 3rd quarter. Arkansas would then pull away and beat the Gamecocks comfortably. 

LOSS 2011 28-44 

Another even matchup between both teams. However this time, both teams are ranked in the top 10. South Carolina would need a win to keep their SEC East hopes alive. Very tight game, until a late fumble recovery by Arkansas to give them the win. Carolina simply could not find a way to slow the Razorback offense down. 

WIN 2013 52-7 

The last game played between the two programs in Arkansas. The 14th ranked Gamecocks bully a very inferior Arkansas team for four straight quarters. Carolina would finish the season ranked 4th in the country, while Arkansas would lose the remainder of their games and finish 3-9 (0-8 SEC). 


Overall, the Razorbacks have had no problem taking care of the Gamecocks in Arkansas. In fact, any Arkansas team that has been remotely decent has beaten the Gamecocks at home.

Several strong South Carolina teams have crumbled in Arkansas. Sometimes even to Razorback teams that aren’t even very good.

In order for the Gamecocks to leave Fayetteville with a win on Saturday, they’ll have to do something they have never done before. Beat a good Arkansas team away. 

History doesn’t appear to be on our side and neither do a lot of projections. However, I have faith that Beamer can rally the troops and send the boys back to Columbia at 2-0. As always, Go Cocks

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