While There Are No Moral Victories, There Are Still Positives To Take Away From The Gamecocks 44-30 Loss To Arkansas

South Carolina’s loss to Arkansas was certainly disappointing for most. Arkansas was considered a potential upset and fans wanted to see it happen. The worst part was, South Carolina landed several mistakes shy of making it happen.

Although that should be considered a complete negative, here’s why it’s not. 

Like it or not, this year’s program simply is not championship caliber. As fans, we can’t get too far ahead of ourselves. Sure we’ve picked up notable transfers and have an extremely talented quarterback, but that alone doesn’t allow a 7 win team to make a jump to a championship contender. What you can find however in the move from last season to this season is improvement, and I believe this game exhibited a considerable amount of that. 

Against Arkansas, Carolina produced 416 yards of total offense and really worked their way back into the game, after being down by 3 scores. Not only does this performance show improvement from the week prior against Georgia state, but it shows improvement from last season. 

This Arkansas team would have wiped the floor with last year’s team. Yet, Carolina stayed competitive and had opportunities to win if not for the mistakes. 

So what’s next for this football team? Well, similar to last season, fans should look and hope for improvement on a game by game basis. So far, the team has done that. I would argue it was a drastic improvement offensively.

Against Georgia, let’s look for fewer mistakes. Less dropped passes and bad turnovers. Also, let’s look for the defense to be more of a factor. I understand Arkansas’s offense is red hot, but you simply have to finish (bring players down in the backfield and not allow them to break as many tackles). 

Overall, a disappointing performance that can certainly leave us optimistic about the future. I’m very excited to see what this football team can continue to do. As always, Go Cocks.

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