Why A Win Over Texas A&M Will Earn A New Level Of Respect Nationally For Gamecocks Football

Last Saturday against Kentucky, South Carolina came out of the contest as the stronger program. The Gamecocks dominated the Wildcats on offense (especially during the second half), defense, and even special teams.

Despite Carolina’s exceptional performance on the road, many have neglected to compliment them. Although South Carolina bullied Kentucky’s offensive line and were able to stop the run, many have thrown the Wildcats’ loss on the absence of Will Levis.

As a result, many still are not convinced that South Carolina is a decent football program. To some, Carolina’s chances at making a bowl game aren’t even guaranteed.

Therefore, the game against Kentucky has been viewed as a poor performance and a bad loss for the Wildcats rather than a respectable win for the Gamecocks. 

In order for South Carolina to gain national respect, they will need to manage back to back SEC wins by beating Texas A&M at home. Although Texas A&M hasn’t boasted the strongest resume, they do have some respectable wins (including a win against Arkansas on the road), and a respectable loss (2 yards shy of beating Alabama). 

To put the matchup into perspective, Texas A&M will serve as a true yardstick game nationally for the Gamecocks. Although a win against the Aggies will not look as significant as Carolina’s win over Kentucky, it will prove that the game against the Wildcats was not just a fluke.

On the other hand, a loss against A&M at home will certainly kill a lot of momentum the Gamecocks have been picking up, and could potentially be detrimental to an important stretch in Carolina’s season. Needless to say, any possible national attention South Carolina currently holds, will be erased after a loss at home to A&M. 

As fans, we need to show up, be loud, and really support our boys next Saturday. This game against A&M is arguably the most important game of the season thus far.

Do your part. If you aren’t able to attend, make sure a Carolina fan does in place of you. Let’s make Williams Brice the most intimidating atmosphere possible and watch the Gamecocks bring home their first win against the Aggies

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