Why South Carolina’s Name Change from UofSC to USC is Excellent News for Carolina Fans, Students, and Alumni 

Last Wednesday morning, the University of South Carolina announced that they will change the University’s official abbreviation from UofSC back to USC.  

The name change in 2019 was a sour subject for many and I can definitely understand why. 9 years after losing a trademark battle with the University of Southern California (SoCal not USC) the University of South Carolina basically decided to fold and changed their official abbreviation to UofSC. 

At the time, I was a student. A year before graduating, I discovered I would be graduating from UofSC instead of USC. The name I had know virtually my entire life.

Obviously this didn’t sit well with me or other fans and alumni. Imagine the name you’ve known for the majority of your life being changed to “clear up confusion” with the other University out West (the school the University of South Carolina is nearly 80 years older than). After actions like these, so much for the saying, “We were a school before they were a state.”      

With this action, the University of South Carolina basically hit So Cal with a, “You win you get the name.”  Although Carolina wouldn’t be the only USC, the last things its fans, alumni, and students would have wanted was it to change the name and give the title exclusively to So Cal.

I would argue this was one of the most disappointing and overall stupid moves by The University of South Carolina in recent history. That includes the hiring of Muschamp, the letters to Darla Moore, and the graduation speech by Robert Caslen. Obviously mistakes are made. Some worse than others, but this seemed like a real act of weakness if anything. 

Last Wednesday filled me and I’m sure other supporters with relief and excitement. The University has made the best decision and a decision that it’s fans, students, and alumni will all back. 

After a few dark years, the University of South Carolina is once again making the right steps overall and it really seems to be moving back in an upward direction.

We all know we’re the real USC, if So Cal won’t change the name then there will just have to be two!

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