Can Shane Beamer Rally The Troops And Reunite Gamecock Nation Once Again In The Final Month Of The 2022 Season?

Last Saturday, South Carolina put up one of their most disappointing performances of the season. Although maybe not the worst performance, certainly the most disheartening and frustrating. Even after gaining momentum over the past few weeks, and earning a top 25 ranking, Carolina blew it all away in what felt like one of the most Gamecock ways of doing so. 

I understand it’s aggravating. Many have thrown in the towel on the season, and to be quite frank, I can see why (I don’t agree but I can see why). During the first several weeks of the season, many were unsure if Carolina would make a bowl. After several big wins… BAM! Right back to square one. Where a bowl still isn’t guaranteed. 

Funny enough, this point in the seasons reminds me of another low point in a different season. Last year after losing to Missouri to be exact! 

Last season, before playing Missouri, the Gamecocks had only 5 wins, but we’re cooking after a big win against Florida. They were looking to claim bowl eligibility against a struggling Missouri team (the next two games against Auburn and Clemson appeared far less winnable). Very similar to the Missouri squad Carolina took on this season. 

South Carolina came out flat and lost a game they really feel like they should have won. At this point all seemed lost. Bowl hopes seemed in jeopardy, and the next two games felt as if they would be blowouts given South Carolina’s poor performance the week prior. Again, a very similar feeling to this week. 

However, Shane Beamer and the Gamecocks would find a way to beat Auburn the next week to claim bowl eligibility. Carolina would also take down UNC in the post season to put together a final record that really made fans proud.  And the Missouri game by the season’s conclusion had faded to the back. 

Now… Am I hinting that Carolina will win 3 more games this season and surprise fans the same way they did last season. No. The remaining games are certainly a steeper slope compared to last season, and I couldn’t predict this team to do something that miraculous after last weekends performance. However, I will definitely argue that it is possible with this team because they proved it last season. 

This program has some fight in them. Just because they had a flat showing last Saturday, doesn’t mean they’ll come out the same way in their remaining games. I can confidently say that Shane Beamer will not allow these players to lay down and quit on the season after that. He’s just not the kind of coach. 

Carolina has the opportunity to win some more games this season and even earn some respectable losses (this may seem laughable, but a close performance against Tennessee or even Clemson could look really good for Carolina). If they are able to manage and let’s say put up another good bowl performance, then this Missouri loss will fade to the back as it did last season. 

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