Top Five Reasons Why I Hate Clemson University

There are a million reasons why I hate that team from the Upstate. Here’s my best shot at narrowing it down to five:

1. Tiger Rag

Is there a more overused and overplayed fight song than “Tiger Rag”?

I mean seriously, how many schools are using it now?

Either way, you can hear the Tiger band playing it non-stop throughout the game.

And it sort of fits in with Copycat Clemson University.

If you’re going to take another school’s mascot, colors, campus layout, etc., you might as well take their fight song too.

2. Orange and Purple

Who on God’s green Earth thought this was a good color scheme?

Like seriously, who woke up one day and said “Ya know what we should do? Let’s take that gaudy orange and this Barney colored purple and put them together on a uniform!”.

It’s truly cruel and unusual punishment for Carolina fans to have to stare at that God awful color scheme for just under four hours once a year.

It has, however, provided us with one of the funniest pictures in existence on the internet:

Who the hell is Jad Dean?

3. “The Most Exciting 25 Seconds in College Football”

LOL. Excuse me while I get a hearty laugh in.

The most overrated bus ride in all of college football had to make this list.

That team from the Upstate gets on the buses and rides over to the other side of their stadium atop the “magical” hill, where they rub a “magical” rock and ascend into Death Valley to…you guessed it, “Tiger Rag”.

Someone on social media said it best over the weekend:

“Telling your kids to believe in Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny is still less absurd than telling them to believe in a magic rock and running down a hill.”

4. Dabo Swinney

I’m not sure words can really do justice the distaste USC fans have for Clemson’s head football coach.

Swinney fits in perfectly with a fan base who has the “holier than thou” act down pat. 

Give Swinney credit, he’s turned the Clemson program into what they are today. But the smokescreen that he’s some God amongst men is so phony that it hurts.

5. The Fans

Earlier this season, I wrote an article describing the top five reasons why I hated the University of Georgia.

In that article, I talked about their fanbase and how I’ve always known them as the “worst fanbase in college football”.

That was, up until a few years ago.

Winning has truly turned the Clemson fanbase into the most arrogant, stuck up, unbearable group of people on the face of this planet.

Forget the fact that they wear orange overalls. Or that they don’t have all their teeth. Or that they keep relationships within the family.

Honestly, the thing that bothers me the most is just how awful of winners they are.

You have it all: two national titles over the last half decade, a six game winning streak over your rival, etc.

Even with all that success, you’ll still find Clemson fans in EVERY SINGLE POST ABOUT GAMECOCK FOOTBALL.

It’s a tale as old as time. Clemson fans commenting on unrelated Gamecock posts is like a pastime for these blabbering idiots from the Upstate.

Granted, their lack of brain cells is what makes it so much damn fun for me to come after them.

Even with this great run of success they are on, you can just tell how much it irks those wearing orange and purple that USC fans even wake up and breathe the same air as them every morning.

That’s why I’ll say again what I said late last week: never stop talking your shit Gamecock fans.

We hate Clemson. They hate us. And that’s exactly the way this rivalry should be.

*Honorable mention: Ostarine, Newspring Church, Charlie Whitehurst, Ben Tillman, Ben Boulware, The Cadence Count, Clemson Tom, etc.

15 thoughts on “Top Five Reasons Why I Hate Clemson University

  1. Grady Harmon

    So The Tiger Rag bothers you? The coots whinging all the time, bothers real FOOTBALL FANS.
    Y’all are NATURAL BORN LOSERS. I have arrested numerous Carolina fans for throwing objects. Also, Drunk and Fighting. The worst one was when several coot game tried to insert the rocket. I asked them what was going on?
    They replied that was a hemorrhoid. LOL, I said it was.

      1. Layne Winchester

        If you’re the same “Chris” who wrote the above article, your football knowledge could fit inside a pea shell! You say Tiger Rag is obnoxious and overused? Honestly, there cant be a more ear-shattering, teeth-clinching sound than having to endure “2001, A Space Odyssey” every time your HAPLESS & LOUSY yard birds come onto the field! I mean, really, you cant find a more appropriate musical entrance for your crappy Gamecocks than the theme song from a movie made in 1968? Geesh…how pathetic! And as for Dabo Swinney, he never has claimed to be God! If you, Chris, have the ability to form complete sentences and can read, you would understand that! However, Dabo is a born again Christian man, which sets him apart from other men in his profession because that makes him a sinner saved by grace! So, my less than intellectual Chris, your interpretation of Clemson University athletics and in particular its football program leave a lot to be desired! Have a wonderful day!


        Layne Winchester

  2. David nix

    At least I’m not the only one who notices the holier than thou, self absorbed arrogant attitude they have! Go Gamecocks!

    1. Layne Winchester

      Have you been drinking the kool aid made by your lousy Gamecock athletic training staff? Apparently so! Dabo Swinney or any member of his staff have never said ANYTHING that makes them come across as being holier than thou! I guess you glean that perspective by not listening with your ears! Yes, Dabo is a born again Christian man! But by no means is he better than anyone else because of his personal beliefs! Check your facts before you make yourself sound less than intelligent! Just saying!

      1. WackoZachO

        born again Christian Man who allows players who nearly kill people to remain on the team? Who blatantly lies about he’ll quit coaching if players can be paid, and then has his QB sign the contract to be paid like he is. Lol Layne, you’re delusional. You wrote this 2 years ago, or in your terms about 7 teeth ago. Glad you can defend the Holier than Thou approach so graciously. You attempt to trash him by talking about complete sentences, and follow it with starting sentences with but, putting commas in the wrong place, and missing about 16 teeth. 🙂

  3. Thom Hardy

    Brent Venable move to Oklahoma will destroy Clemson defense. His crack head attitude put Clemson on the map. There is no lost with Tony Elliott. No offensive to start with. Brent will be missed!!!

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