Transfer Portal, NIL And OC Search Lead To Interesting Few Weeks For Gamecocks Football

After Carolina’s win up in Death Valley, the program found itself on cloud nine. It didn’t seem like anything could go wrong. Then suddenly… the transfer portal opened up. 

Now South Carolina fans have been filled with dismay, as the future does not seem as bright as it did two weeks ago. In the blink of an eye South Carolina saw the loss of three major playmakers.

Cam Smith, Jaheim Bell, and Austin Stogner, all entered into the transfer portal or declared for the NFL draft within a 72-hour time span. Even now, I’m in shock at the decision by Jaheim Bell.

To make matters worse, Carolina’s hiring of Dan Mullen as offensive  coordinator appeared to be all but a done deal. Mullen would have been an excellent hire, as he was an offensive coordinator for The University of Florida during the 2007 Championship Season. He was also a Quarterbacks coach and was responsible for developing one of the greatest college football players in history, Tim Tebow.

Wouldn’t ya guess… He recently announced, that he would not be taking the position at South Carolina. Really the cherry on top… huh? 

Well fans. Believe it or not, South Carolina is going to be just fine. In a few months from now, we’ll be feeling way better than we do today. Here’s why. 

Like it or not. This is just how college football works now. Players’ loyalty to their programs seem to be thinner than ever. Currently over 1000 players in the FBS have entered the transfer portal. One time transfers exemptions and NIL Rights are also on the table now. Just last season, over 3000 players entered into the transfer portal. That number will more than likely be much higher this season. 

Nowadays if players aren’t 100% happy, and feel like they can get more quality touches or better NIL deals at another program, they’re going to hit the portal! I’m not a fan of it either, but that’s just the way it is. 

It may seem bad at South Carolina now, but some schools are dealing with over 15 players in the portal already. Definitely not all of them bench warmers either! 

Which brings up another point. The transfer portal is not all loss. South Carolina also has a lot to gain from it as well. Big time playmakers around the nation will at least take interest in South Carolina after the conclusion of their season. South Carolina is a great transfer destination as things are really beginning to pop off for the program. Not to mention, South Carolina is a great NIL destination.

Finally, although it isn’t always likely, a player putting their name in the transfer portal does not always guarantee their departure from the program. Until they sign with another program, they are still capable of playing for the 2023 season. Who knows, perhaps Jaheim could hop out of the portal. You never know. 

As for the offensive coordinator position, again, there really is no need to worry. As I mentioned earlier South Carolina is really starting to burn red hot as a program. There’s plenty of talented coordinators who will, at the very least, take interest in the vacant OC position at South Carolina. In the mean time, coaches such as Justin Stepp or even a Freddie Kitchens will be able to step up and lead the offense in the upcoming bowl against Notre Dame. 

Although times currently seem rough, I put my faith in Shane Beamer. He’ll find the right OC even if it takes time, and he’ll bring quality talent to his program. We knew the opening of the transfer portal was going to potentially hurt at first, and it is. However, several weeks down the road, I believe we’ll be feeling a lot better about this current turn of events.

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